Apple releases 2020 environmental report: all products will be carbon neutral in ten years


Sina digital news on the evening of July 21, Apple released the 2020 environmental progress report, in which Apple said it had achieved carbon neutrality in operation and would achieve carbon neutrality in all aspects of its products, manufacturing and use by 2030.
Apple releases environmental progress report 2020
The so-called “carbon neutralization” refers to offsetting the carbon dioxide emission of its own production through afforestation, saving and emission reduction, so as to realize “zero emission” of carbon dioxide. So how does apple do it?
First, “make high-energy products in a low-carbon way.”. Apple has reduced the average energy consumption of its products by 73% since 2008, according to the report. If it’s just a single product, that may not be a big deal, but if you take the total number of Apple products around the world, it’s not a small number. Apple’s idea is that the longer the device is used, the more powerful it will be for the earth, so they will choose more durable materials to make the device.
The next step is to use renewable materials as much as possible. In order to achieve products and “use 100% recycled or renewable materials in packaging”, Apple has reduced plastic materials in product packaging by 58% in the past four years; the touch engine of iPhone 11 series uses 100% recycled rare earth elements; and apple has also developed a 100% renewable aluminum material to create new MacBook Air, mac mini, iPad body and 2019 Apple watch case.
In addition, Apple has reduced its mining of the earth’s minerals by recycling old equipment and materials to produce new equipment through a swap program. Apple’s dismantling robot Daisy can recycle 200 iPhones an hour. In fiscal year 2019, more than 47000 tons of e-waste will be converted by apple without landfill.
The dismantling robot is responsible for recycling old materials
Apple is committed to making products entirely from clean energy by 2030. To achieve this goal, we need not only Apple’s own efforts, but also the help of the supply chain. Apple has been calling on suppliers to use renewable power, and more than 70 suppliers have promised to use renewable power 100% to produce apple products.
In Apple stores, offices and data centers, apple is using 100% renewable electricity to power, carbon neutral from commuting to travel. In the report, apple said that since 2011, the company has quadrupled the amount of energy used in its operations, but reduced its carbon emissions by 71%.
Apple is carbon neutral in operators
In order to achieve carbon neutralization, Apple has also invested in natural carbon removal tools such as forests, wetlands and grasslands to offset carbon dioxide emissions from production in this way. Its carbon emission solutions fund project is expected to remove 1 million to 2 million tons of carbon per year.
What Apple has done is “to protect the earth”. This reason seems very grand, but apple is fulfilling its promise step by step. For world-renowned technology companies, protecting the environment is both a responsibility and an obligation. Apple has obviously done more. (Su Airlines)