Apple faces a Class Action Lawsuit: making $300 million in a gift card scam


Sina science and technology news, Beijing time on July 21 evening news, according to foreign media reports, apple recently encountered a class action, accused of participating in the itunes gift card fraud, and made a profit of 300 million dollars.
On Friday, seven customers filed a class action lawsuit against apple in the San Jose district court, accusing the company of participating in the itunes gift card scam to defraud nearly $1 billion, of which about $300 million went to apple.
The so-called “itunes gift card scam” means that the fraudster pretends to be an agent of the IRS or the U.S. Treasury Department and asks the victim to pay taxes through the itunes gift card.
In this way, the total value of fraudsters’ swindlers from customers is close to $1 billion, which means about $300 million of that goes into Apple’s pocket, the plaintiff said in the complaint. Because Apple will get a 30% share of app store purchases, according to convention.
Apple “deliberately and recklessly” facilitated the itunes gift card scam, the complaint said. In addition, the plaintiff also refuted Apple’s claim that the funds could not be recovered. (Li Ming)