Apple: achieving full carbon neutrality by 2030, 20 years ahead of the UN target


Sina science and technology news on the evening of July 21, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, apple today announced a new plan, that is, to 2030 in its entire business, manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle to achieve carbon neutral (carbon neutral).
“Carbon neutralization” refers to the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly generated by enterprises, groups or individuals in a certain period of time, in order to offset their own carbon dioxide emissions through afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to achieve “zero emission” of carbon dioxide.
Currently, Apple’s global corporate operations are carbon neutral, and this new commitment means that by 2030, every apple device sold on the market will have a “net zero” impact on the climate. It also means 20 years ahead of the carbon neutral target set by the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC).
Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said: “businesses have a profound opportunity to help build a more sustainable future, one that stems from our shared concerns about our common planet. The innovations that power our environmental journey will not only benefit the planet, but will also help us make our products more energy efficient and bring new clean energy to all parts of the world. Climate action can be the basis for innovation potential, job creation and sustainable economic growth in the new era. With our commitment to carbon neutrality, we want to be “a ripple in the pond” and create greater change. ”
As industries seek to reduce the impact on climate change, apple is also providing details of its carbon neutral approach and a roadmap for other companies. In today’s 2020 environmental progress report, apple details its carbon neutral plan to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030, while developing innovative “carbon removal” solutions for the remaining 25% of its combined footprint.
To support these and other efforts, Apple will create an “impact accelerator” focused on investing in minority owned businesses. The accelerator is also part of Apple’s recently announced $100 million “racial equity and justice initiative,” which focuses on addressing educational and economic equality and promoting criminal justice reform.
In order to achieve the 2030 carbon neutral target, Apple also announced a roadmap for the next 10 years, including low-carbon product design, continuous energy efficiency improvement, use of renewable energy, process and material innovation, and carbon removal. (Li Ming)