Ping An Trust is entrusted to set up the first charity trust of “reducing food waste” in China


On July 17, Ping An Trust and Vanke public welfare foundation announced the establishment of “Ping An * Vanke charitable trust plan for reducing food loss and waste and advocating healthy diet” in Shenzhen. The initial scale was 3.2 million yuan, and the additional starting point was 1 million yuan.
It is understood that the charitable trust is the first charitable trust in China to “reduce food consumption and waste, and advocate healthy diet” as the public welfare purpose.
The trustor of the charitable trust plan is Vanke public welfare foundation, and Ping An Trust is responsible for the investment management of the trust property as the trustee, and the beneficiaries are organizations or individuals meeting the purpose of the charitable trust, including but not limited to community organizations, charitable organizations, scientific research institutions, advocates, etc.
According to reports, compared with other public welfare methods, the operation of charitable trust is standardized, open and transparent, and can realize the value maintenance and appreciation of charitable funds.
Taking value preservation and appreciation as an example, charitable funds will be invested in low-risk assets such as cash management and fixed income. On the basis of ensuring the safety and liquidity of charitable funds, they can also maintain and increase the value of funds, so as to enlarge the potential of charitable funds. In terms of management mechanism, the charitable trust set up a decision-making committee, introduced a third-party public welfare organization, Shenzhen social welfare foundation, and strengthened the transparency construction by actively establishing self-discipline mechanism.
At the press conference, Wang Shi, President of Vanke public welfare foundation, said that the establishment of the charitable trust is also a public finance innovation for Vanke Public Welfare Foundation: the ownership, management right and benefit right are separated through the way of trust; the independence and legal security of trust property are ensured; the trust management is transparent and continuous; and the public welfare of funds is guaranteed Flexibility of expenditure and value maintenance and appreciation.
Yao Guiping, chairman of Ping An Trust, pointed out that the cooperation between the trust company and the enterprise foundation will help to turn the “fund pool” of the foundation into a “capital well”. The pool is not mobile or even evaporated, while the well is different. With the deepening of the excavation, there will be a continuous stream of clear and sweet well water.