Glory magicbook Pro Ruilong version released: equipped with Ruilong 4800h standard pressure processor


Sina digital news on July 16 afternoon news, glory just held a new product launch, officially released the new glory Magic Book Series notebook, among which the 16 inch Magic Book Pro Ruilong version is equipped with AMD 7Nm sharp dragon 7 4800h processor.
Magic Book Pro
The new products are still divided into three types, namely the glory magicbook 14 and the glory magicbook 15, which are equipped with AMD sharp dragon U series processor. The 16 inch Magic Book Pro is equipped with the AMD 7Nm sharp dragon 7 4800h processor.
Ruilong 7 4800h processor with AMD 7Nm
In fact, Lenovo is the first time in the history of sharp processors to load the standard pressure processor into a lightweight version. It is only limited to the Ruilong 53550h of TDP 35W, and its performance is far from comparable to that of today’s leading role, the 7 nm Zen 2 architecture of the sharp dragon 7 4800h.
This honor is to plug 45W high-performance standard pressure processor into the thin and light version of the fuselage, which is also the beginning of the lightweight version.
The AMD Ruilong 4000 series processor is the first 8-core mobile processor built for the lightweight version. The core code of the product is Renoir. It adopts 7Nm technology and Zen 2 micro architecture with eight cores and sixteen threads, and the maximum frequency can reach 4.2ghz. At the same time, it is equipped with dual channel 16GB ddr4-3200 memory. In the GPU part, there are 7 Vega Cu units built-in. There are 448 stream processors in total. The frequency is 1600MHZ. In terms of performance, it can directly face the 25W version of full blood mx250 independent graphics card. For example, ASUS Tianxuan and HP shadow Genie 6 all use this processor.
Efficient cooling system
From the demonstration on the spot, in cinebench R15 test, the glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong version got 1611 multi-core results.
Magic Book Pro
In addition, the whole system adopts 16GB large memory dual channel design, and the service life of the official promotion is up to 46% compared with the previous generation. In addition, the charger of magicbook Pro can charge the mobile phone quickly or when it is off.
The score of multi core running was 1611
The glory magicbook Pro Ruilong version uses a 16.1-inch full-scale screen. The large-size screen can bring a wider view and a very good experience.
16.1 inch full screen
What’s more, thanks to the four peripheral micro frame design, the proportion of the screen is as high as 90%. And as far as possible to reduce the size of the body, improve portability. The screen resolution is 1920 × 1080 and the gamut is 100% sRGB. With 16:9 display ratio, split screen operation is more convenient.
Performance improvement
In addition, the large screen can also bring more shocking effects when playing games, watching movies and other entertainment activities. It’s worth mentioning that the screen also supports anti glare, making it easy to see the contents of the screen even when used in particularly bright places. In addition, eye protection mode is provided, which can effectively filter 30% blue light. Users who work long hours can also have a more comfortable experience.
Game optimization
The high-performance processor must also put forward higher requirements for heat dissipation. The glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong version is equipped with shark fin dual fan version 2.0. The fan blade of shark fin design is adopted, and the bottom four sides of suction can effectively improve the fan speed, and the air volume can be increased by 15% compared with the ordinary fan.
Standard large memory in the whole system
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