Wechat app daily breaks 400 million small stores open internal test application and support live delivery


Sina science and technology news on the morning of July 14, the wechat team announced that wechat small stores would open internal test applications and support live delivery, helping more small and medium-sized micro businesses and individual entrepreneurs to develop e-commerce business in the wechat ecosystem. At the same time, official data shows that, so far, the number of wechat app daily active accounts has exceeded 400 million.
Wechat small store is a new capability provided by the app team to help businesses free from developing and quickly generate sales applets. Small stores now provide commodity information release, commodity trading, small program live broadcast and other functions.
At present, wechat small stores are now open to internal test applications for enterprises and individual businesses, and will gradually open individual store applications in the future.
Enterprises and individual businesses receiving the invitation of internal test can click the invitation link to complete the registration and opening, and provide the basic information configuration such as business license, operator information upload, settlement bank account information, and applet nickname and category according to the instruction process to open the sales business. During the internal test period, enterprises under the same subject can support the opening of up to 50 small stores, individual businesses can open 5, and one micro signal can only support registration once.
Wechat stores now support the sale of more than 1500 categories of goods. At present, wechat small stores can open three types: private brand, agent brand and no brand. In order to standardize the use of brands and trademarks of wechat small stores, and protect the rights and interests of users and the interests of the brand side, if the settled businesses sell brand goods, they need to open the corresponding brand use right according to the brand opening rules.
In February 2020, the wechat app live broadcast officially launched the public test, and the small shops that launched this time will bring their own live broadcast capabilities, so that businesses can realize “live with goods” and deposit the traffic in small stores. In addition, small stores provide a series of basic capabilities for e-commerce business scenarios such as commodity information release, order and logistics management, marketing, capital settlement, customer service and after-sales.
The wechat team said that in the future, wechat small stores will open more basic functions, and a series of standard interfaces and components such as stores, commodities and orders will be opened for third-party service providers to access and provide expansion functions, so as to facilitate businesses to quickly find and switch service providers and obtain personalized online business solutions. (Zi Jian)