Station B “get on the train” to build a bridge between car companies and young people


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Video has become a major trend in the content industry. In 2019, the number of online video users in China will reach 725 million. Video has firmly occupied the “C” position of network application. In the automotive information industry, video is also irresistible.
Automobile intelligence is one of the hot topics in automobile circle and Internet industry in recent years.
At the end of last month, station B officially “entered” Tencent car service, causing many people in the auto industry to forward. In the future, users will be able to watch the video content of station B after parking on the central control screen of some cars loaded with Tencent car couplets.
In fact, this is not the first time that car companies pull station B to get on. Last year, Tesla, the world’s “first brother of trams”, announced that it had reached cooperation with station B. from the first quarter of this year, all Tesla models will be continuously connected to station B video streaming media services.
Station B is a young cultural community and video platform. Tencent and Tesla are global technology and automobile giants. They have proper cross-border cooperation. There must be logic behind this kind of crossover. So, why do car companies care so much about video platforms and frequently pull them to get on the bus?
Picture / the car with Tencent car service can see the video of station B after parking
There is a demand for cars
From the perspective of automobile industry, the global automobile industry is facing the unprecedented changes in a century due to the changes of technology, users and market. This is an environment of frequent cross-border “boarding”.
The industry often summarizes the future trend of the automobile industry with the new four modernizations of “electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing”. From the perspective of perceptible reality, we can see two obvious trends in automobile and automobile industry.
First, automobile products themselves have evolved from mechanization to electrification and intelligence, and become the next generation of super intelligent terminals. This means that the car, as a means of transportation, will undergo qualitative changes in the next few years. This qualitative change has happened in the mobile phone industry.
When the mobile phone changes from a functional machine to an intelligent machine, people get a handheld intelligent terminal, which integrates multiple functions such as communication, micro-computer, MP3, digital camera and e-book. It not only becomes the “new organ” of the human body, but also promotes the prosperity of the mobile Internet, and becomes the infrastructure for the industries of sharing, taking out and mobile payment.
It can be expected that when the car evolves into an intelligent terminal, similar huge energy will be released, which will completely change the relationship between people and cars. In the short term, the first thing to change is the driving experience. When the large screen becomes the standard configuration of smart cars, playing video and audio in the car is becoming more and more common. In the cooperation with Tesla, the owner can wait for the vehicle to be charged at the Tesla super charging station, or the car can watch station B in the car after the car is in parking state and connected with WiFi.
Picture / Tesla specially filmed a promotional video of watching station B in the car
In the long run, the development of 5g and unmanned driving will completely liberate people’s hands, and the travel process will become more relaxed and interesting. From location a to location B, drivers and passengers can work, watch movies and even sleep in the car. The car will really become the third space outside of home and office.
More and more intelligent cars need to “embed” more and more new features. As a result, dozens of enterprises such as station B, Himalaya, meituan, tuanyou, 36krypton and Beiwa Erge were introduced by Tencent car service.
New changes in the automotive industry bring new demand, so the question comes, why do car companies pull such video websites as station B one after another?
Station B can meet the requirements
On the one hand, video has become the content form that young car consumers pay attention to.
There is no doubt that video is a major trend in the content industry. In 2019, the number of online video users in China will reach 725 million, and video has firmly occupied the “C-bit” of network applications. In the automotive information industry, video is also irresistible. In the past two years, graphics and text have gradually given way to video and video information, which has become the mainstream way for users to obtain automobile content.
Mainstream automobile vertical website also add code video one after another. Old brand player Yi Che recently announced the establishment of eight new studios to produce video content; new players understand the rapid rise of car king with video content. When the automotive information industry enters the video era, it has entered the field that station B is good at. More and more automobile media are stationed in station B, such as car home, original programs and several minute classes. Moreover, even if they are all videos, it seems that the community atmosphere of station B is more advantageous.
The first is the direction of the content. The main value of video content such as auto home and e-Car is to eliminate the information asymmetry between users and cars and let users know more about a car.
In fact, with the popularization of automobile consumption, the automobile market has entered the stock age, and many families have already purchased cars for the second time.
According to industry data, the proportion of re purchased passenger cars in China will rise to 50% in 2019, and it is expected that the proportion of re purchased passenger cars will exceed 60% in 2021-2022. In this case, the user’s demand for automotive content has evolved from the past information mode to entertainment and life, and even the evaluation should be fun. This is the advantage of station B.
In station B, the main “super speed partner” of station B’s up, which has more than 700000 fans, is good at all kinds of car evaluation of extreme brain opening, such as driving super car to do Didi, buying 8-handed super car to refit, etc., and opening car evaluation in a way that young people are interested in.
Jacky, the host of “fast partners”, has always had a dream of buying a lotus sports car. After a few years of birthday wishes, the 33 year old finally turned around and bought a rare Elise r lotus sports car. Although the vehicle is still an accident car that needs maintenance, Jacky is still very happy to share his driving experience with the camera. After the release of the video, it received 2 million playback, and many users were touched by Jacky’s love of the car and shared their dream car in the comment area.
Photo / share the video of the first phase of “super speed partner” of up who bought his dream car broke 2 million yuan

In station B, there are also “yellow dude”, the owner of up who talks about the car while raising children. In the way of vlog shooting, it shows the most real and good car, and feels the sweet daily life of lovers while enjoying the car. There are also the “ultimate xiaoteng”, which is called “Uncle AI” in the auto district. It mainly focuses on the most expensive underground garage in the world, sports car unpacking and other contents. The maximum broadcast volume of a single issue exceeds 6 million.
Besides fun, professional car evaluation knowledge can also be obtained in station B. Meet the eye everywhere, most of the car’s content, whether graphic or video, make complaints about the marketing color from the perspective of manufacturers. It causes information interference to users and reduces user experience.
If you often brush station B, you will see a bullet screen like “you will waste XX minutes of your life”. This kind of real bullet screen culture, as well as the orientation of advocating creation, makes it difficult for the low-end car evaluation content in other content platforms to form a climate in station B.
With 800000 fans, the “spare tire talks about cars” is the up owner who delivers solid automobile knowledge and is praised by the Barrage as the up owner of “metaphor of madness” and “thesis about car”. Every time, there will be users in the comments area to sort out a set of knowledge points in the video.
Figure / the main “spare wheel talk” of up, which is affectionately called by users
The video style of up, a well-known car reviewer, has a car in one deer. Relying on the objective and impartial car video information, the video style dares to directly point out the various problems of car reduction and safety shrinkage in the market. In particular, some time ago, the quality of Volkswagen caused controversy. “Yilu has a car” produced a video reflecting the safety of the automobile industry, and has obtained 4.3 million playback.
On the other hand, the automobile market has entered the stock age from the incremental era, and the weak Chinese automobile urgently needs the kinetic energy conversion, looking for the new growth engine. In recent years, automobile enterprises have been trying to communicate with users by video instead of traditional pictures and texts. Another example is that during the epidemic period, a number of automobile enterprises and dealers have closed the distance with users and reshaped the connection between brands and users through live online resumption and cloud business.
This demand is a common demand in the automotive industry. As a result, station B, which has both content and community attributes, naturally becomes the target of the automotive industry. For car companies, station B provides a good opportunity for brand planting grass. As a result, Tesla, Audi, red flag and FAW Mazda have opened accounts in station B.
Tu / Tesla and red flag have entered station B
In fact, the core reason is that car companies care about young people.
Youth is the pursuit of most brands, especially automobile brands. Station B is a highland where young people gather. Bundling with station B is pregnant with opportunities for automobile enterprises to grow grass. Many of the young people in station B are college students who are in school or have just graduated. They are potential stocks about to enter the society.
Entering station B is an opportunity for automobile related enterprises to bring new incremental users. The data shows that 78% of the users in station B are 18-35 years old; however, according to the latest report released by J.D.Power, the post-90s (32%) under the age of 30 have become the main car buyers for the first time this year, exceeding the post-85 (30%), 80-84 (22%) and the former 80 (17%). Station B users, which are highly overlapped with mainstream car buyers, are exactly what car companies are eager for.
Through the analysis, we found that station B has the resources and capabilities needed by car enterprises, whether from the perspective of people or from the perspective of content. However, station B’s “boarding” has just started, and the original auto industry layout has been quite stable. The moat of car home and e-Car platform is also relatively deep. If station B wants to go further in the field of automobile content, more efforts are needed.
However, from another perspective, just starting means paying dividends first. Station B is a relatively blue ocean market for both automobile brands and automobile creators. The earlier you settle in, the more you can enjoy the dividend.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)