Samsung Electronics releases 6G white paper: expected commercial speed will be 50 times of 5g in 2028


According to Yonhap news, Samsung Electronics released a white paper entitled “next generation hyper connection experience” on the 14th, which sets forth the vision of 6G, reflecting the willingness to speed up technology development and seize the commanding height of competition.
The sixth generation mobile communication technology will realize the T-level (Tera BPS level) data transmission rate, and the wireless network delay is as small as microseconds. It is predicted that 6G technology will be standardized in 2025, put into commercial use in 2028 and officially provide service in 2030.
The white paper also predicts that services such as truly immersive extended reality, high fidelity mobile hologram and digital replica will come out.
The industry estimates that the speed of 6G will reach 50 times that of 5g, and the delay will be reduced to one tenth of 5g. After the 6G era opens, a variety of mechanical instruments, such as automobiles, robots, UAVs, home appliances, displays, will be connected to the Internet, bringing more rich experience to users.