New oxygen launched the list of medical and American doctors, with an average of more than 10 years of employment


On July 9, new oxygen technology launched the “new oxygen emerald Doctor List” in the new oxygen app, which evaluated and scored the participating doctors from the “101 dimensions” of aesthetic, technical and service evaluation criteria.
It is reported that the selection of the list covers the eye, nose, chest, fat filling, body shaping, facial contour, hyaluronic acid, skin beauty and other sub fields, and experts will adopt anonymous evaluation and cross evaluation. The rationality, harmony, aesthetic feeling of the postoperative effect, doctors’ experience, technology, operation characteristics, environmental atmosphere, service process, facilities, service perception and other contents may affect the doctors to be listed on the list.
In addition, the candidates must go through the qualification audit and data analysis of the platform. Doctors who are involved in information fraud, false use of other people’s information, or have major negative or medical accidents during the evaluation period will be directly eliminated by the selection system. As a result, the average number of doctors on the list is more than 10 years, and 96 professional doctors have been selected.