Live broadcast of wechat, the battlefield here is “quiet”


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Source: titanium media (ID: taimeiti)
Today, wechat announced the opening of wechat store internal test and support live delivery. Will wechat change its old “quiet” posture in the live battlefield?
Titanium media note: live with goods battlefield hot, e-commerce and short video platform high-profile entrance, the Internet once again for live broadcast tuyere boiling. However, it is difficult to see wechat in places with strong gunpowder.
However, just today, wechat announced that it would open the internal test of wechat stores and support live delivery. This means that wechat is more active in the live battlefield. Why does wechat live seem “quiet”? Behind this, what preparatory work has wechat done? In the future, how will wechat join this live broadcast war?
Mr. Wang, manager of Guangzhou Friendship Department store, has been busy touring the stores recently. With the start of live broadcasting in each store, the frequency of live broadcasting has reached as high as 60 per month.
Friendship department store’s tradition is a large-scale military training every year, and this year’s theme is “sales skills of new anchor”. Every shopping guide needs to master the live broadcast skills, which has been included in their daily assessment.
With the enthusiasm of the whole people’s live broadcasting, this year’s 618 has become the climax of live broadcasting with goods. Not only tiktok, Jingdong and other electronic business platforms compete for the stars and entrepreneurs to take the goods with them, but also the Kwai Chung and the fast business ambitions of the Jingdong have made the war more powerful. The Internet does not want to miss the wind, and even companies unrelated to e-commerce live broadcasting have begun to enter the bureau with high profile.
However, there is no wechat in the place with strong gunpowder.
This is not due to the absence of wechat, but under the decentralized structure, the live broadcasting rooms of merchants are scattered in the wechat ecosystem, and users can’t see the booming live broadcast with goods, so everything seems quiet.
However, under the quiet, an undercurrent has already formed. The epidemic has forced businesses to transform into digital ones. Many enterprises have moved their business into small programs. The introduction of live plug-ins has brought new exports to the huge private domain traffic in wechat.
What tiktok is the logic of WeChat’s live broadcast when the company is playing the mainstream business with the Kwai Fu? What changes will this undercurrent bring?
Why does wechat “have no sense of existence” in live broadcast war?
It has become a consensus among small app service providers that businesses should have private domain traffic when doing business on wechat.
Having private traffic means that businesses can reach consumers directly through their own channels without the help of e-commerce platforms. This is also the reason why live broadcasting in wechat ecology lacks a sense of existence and appears quiet.
As a decentralized ecology, it is difficult to form a flow square in wechat, and the small programs and live broadcasting rooms of businesses are isolated and scattered. To this end, wechat has opened the circle of friends advertising and the ability to search through small programs to help businesses cold start.
The wechat team told titanium media that it was trying to find the shortest path for users to enter, so as to balance the needs of C-end and b-end. Through cooperation with service providers, wechat has also realized the ability of direct advertising in the circle of friends to the small program live room.
It can be seen that although there is no central entrance, wechat is also giving business platform level exposure opportunities as much as possible.
However, compared with the live broadcast platform of e-commerce, the entrance of wechat applet and live broadcast is still more secret. Businesses want to guide the studio to live, often in the official account, small programs and friends circle to make Activities Notice. This also makes many netizens think it is not convenient: “if you do not pay attention to official account or small program, it is hard to know that this family has live broadcast, and the entrance is too deep and it brings inconvenience.”
According to titanium media, the live broadcast business in wechat was launched earlier than the official plug-in.
In 2018, Weimeng has launched a live plug-in in in the wechat mall, and launched “wechat live app” in 2019; youzan has also launched “aimang live broadcast”.
Wechat told titanium media that in terms of division of labor with service providers, wechat only serves as the underlying tool, while service providers can provide more personalized services for businesses based on the bottom layer. In other words, the service providers and wechat jointly support the live broadcasting business within the ecology.
What kind of businesses need wechat live broadcast?
Who is wechat live broadcast for?
The first to test the water is the stock merchants in wechat.
The customer relationship of stock businesses is all deposited in WeChat, and official account, circle of friends and community relations are needed to reach the goal. The shopping mall and live plug-in have improved their commercial closed-loop.
A stall owner of a clothing wholesale market told titanium media that the stall is equivalent to a brand here. She has maintained about 20000 customers in wechat. Usually, wechat informs customers of new product information, and customers come offline to select styles for wholesale clothing. With the live room, customers can choose styles directly in the wechat live room, which allows her to do some to-b services in real time.
“In fact, many businesses in China can only be completed in wechat, and the core business of these businesses is more social and social relations. For example, if the store downstairs pulls a group to sell fruit, it can’t be opened into a Taobao store. Many businesses are unique in wechat, which is difficult to migrate. They also need tools and scenes to make the business live broadcast. ” Wan Xucheng, CEO of see small electronics store, told titanium media.
However, there are not only existing merchants who have joined the wechat live broadcasting army, but also more online and offline brand merchants and large supermarkets have also moved their business into wechat.
Supermarkets such as Tianhong Department store and Watsons, consumer brands such as hot wind, Lin Qingxuan, Yueshi Fengyin, etc. have opened small program live broadcasting rooms. Wechat live plug-in public beta so far, the number of small program live broadcast businesses has exceeded tens of thousands.
If the scenes and users of existing businesses are difficult to migrate in wechat, then the large supermarkets and brands obviously have more choices. Why should they move their business and live broadcast to small programs?
“The core logic of large-scale supermarket stores is to serve consumers in the business circle, while Taobao stores are nationwide. Many businesses can’t serve such a wide range and can’t get traffic from mature e-commerce platforms.” Wan explained.
“What’s more, there’s not much dividend for users to accumulate on new platforms. What’s more, it’s more important to do well in private domain traffic.”

In addition to large-scale supermarkets, it is also the common choice of brand operators to do a good job in the operation of private traffic. After all, old customers are more likely to bring value when the cost of acquiring new customers rises and ships are high.
Before the outbreak, Guangzhou Friendship Department store had maintained customers through wechat related tools. In 2014, friendship department store launched the wechat mall online, connecting the wechat membership card and offline to exchange members’ points. In recent years, shopping malls have also done a lot of marketing in WeChat official account and small programs, such as electronic coupons, parking concessions, etc.
Over the past few years, the accumulated private traffic has helped shopping malls transform online rapidly through small programs. During the tiktok store, Guangzhou friendship department store first broadcast live in the jitter, then moved the home court into the small program.
“Friendship department store has been operating for 60 years, and its private traffic is a group of customers with recognized brands, and its conversion rate and activity accuracy are very high.”
Wang Honghai, general manager of friendship department store, told titanium media, “we have established a wechat group with our shopping guides and customers. Every live broadcast depends on the community and the circle of friends. Tiktok can not jump tiktok from WeChat, and some customers may not have a jitter. Therefore, in our customers, it will be more convenient to use small programs to do live sales transformation. ”
But Wang Honghai also said that the current shopping malls also attach great importance to pull new, and try to transform public traffic. However, in terms of immediate effect, the transformation of private traffic is more obvious.
While the women’s brand, Yin man, has also been supplementing the small program live broadcast after Taobao’s tiktok layout. Their positioning for the app is to output brand tonality. By spreading the live video materials in the circle of friends and the community, they can deepen the understanding of the brand of offline store fans, so as to drain the offline stores. Since February’s internal test, the small program live has accounted for 25% of the total sales of yinman’s new retail business.
Wechat is not a “Challenger” of e-commerce live broadcast
With the Kwai tiktok ambitions of the electric business, the live broadcast of the electronic commerce is gaining a powerful game player. What is the difference between live broadcast in private domain based on wechat ecology and live broadcast based on public domain e-commerce?
According to Wan Xucheng’s analysis, the difference between the two lies in the different users and business scenarios. The public domain scene is convenient for businesses to obtain new customers continuously, while in the private domain scenario, the main business is to realize the existing users.
“In the public domain platform, due to the cost and uncertainty of traffic, everything will be sales and transaction oriented. The private domain system is a means of user operation rather than sales, and wechat’s small program live room is more active fans, release new products and do activities. ”
In his view Kwai tiktok, the two live broadcast users, also has different scales. Even if WeChat can split up in society, its fission size is totally different from that of Taobao, fast hand shaking, 100 thousand or even 1 million people entering the live broadcast. What’s more, the live broadcast is very dependent on the atmosphere, and it is very difficult for only 10 people to start their business.
However, the uncertainty of public domain platform also worries some businesses.
“The unit price of jewelry and second-hand luxury merchants is very high, and each order is very important. They are more worried about the intelligent recommendation mechanism of the public platform to divert their customers to other similar live broadcasting rooms, so they prefer to do business in the private environment of wechat. “Industry observer Yu Fan told titanium media.
But there is no doubt that for those who have just done online live broadcasting, the dividends of platforms like Taobao are not much, so it is not easy to set up a live broadcasting room from 0 to 1. This is also the reason why private live broadcasting is favored by some businesses.
“Expensive traffic costs and centralized traffic allocation mechanism make it difficult for non head brands to quickly complete accumulation in public domain scenarios.” Yu Fan added.
According to her observation, there are many small shop owners in Hangzhou who will be on the air at 3:00 in the morning, because at least the people watching the live broadcast in the middle of the night can get some traffic in the store. This kind of small shop owners often have to live more than 16 hours to 7 p.m. the next day, and try to avoid the live broadcast time of the head anchor, so as to obtain certain incentive and traffic weight of the platform.
In the “zero sum game”, the two sides are often in a competitive relationship. Although the two schemes have their own advantages and disadvantages, they are not competitive but more cooperative.
First of all, for businesses, whether it is the e-commerce live platform or small program private domain tools, where to bring goods is not important. The key is to lay out in multiple channels and use different methods to connect the digital business plan of the business.
According to coo huanfang’s analysis of titanium media, brand merchants should not only attract new customers, but also keep old customers. At present, the cost of brand innovation is very high, especially online. In order to reduce the marketing cost and complete the transformation of the total value of the user’s life cycle, it is necessary to make a complete set of plans for the retention of old customers and single customer operation.
Secondly, wechat is not a “Challenger” of e-commerce live broadcast platform.
At present, many businesses obtain new customers and traffic in various public domain scenarios, and do user retention and re purchase in private domain. In the whole set of customer business solutions, the role of e-commerce live broadcast platform is like a soldier in the battle, while wechat is positioned as logistics and supply. Different solutions connect together to form a closed-loop business.
“Wechat app system is just like a pool of brand for customer operation. After a steady stream of new products, it is necessary to manage the customer pool well and make customers have stickiness and loyalty to the brand, so as to realize more repurchase and form the long-term value of the brand.” Huanfang said.
“The transaction brought about by live broadcasting is the result rather than the purpose. The truly smart business should maintain the private domain to enhance the repurchase.” Wan concluded. “It’s difficult to do customer operation in public domain scenarios, because the acquisition and repurchase of merchants will be regulated by the centralized traffic of the platform. Unless the brand is well done, it is difficult to have an essential gap.”
Change under quiet undercurrent
Although the battlefield of live broadcasting with goods is busy, the “quiet” private operation also has the power to be reckoned with.
Due to the fact that small program live broadcasting does not exist independently, but is one part of the private domain solution, it has brought many changes after it is combined with the digital operation of businesses.
“After the live broadcast tools came out, many shopping guides felt that they hated meeting each other too late, because they synchronized their daily work online directly, playing the advantages of shopping guides and optimizing the effect of their work.” Wang Honghai recalled.

In the past, this group of shopping guides used to maintain customers by adding wechat to promote the brand through channels such as friend circle and community, but it was difficult to complete the closed-loop of online sales. Now with the help of small programs and live plug-ins, shopping guide began to hold up half of the private domain traffic of the brand.
Friendship department store used to find MCN network red belt goods, but after actual combat found that the cultivation of its own anchor for the brand more long-term value. Therefore, they are selecting the potential anchor shopping guide from the internal staff, and take on the role of MCN to provide guidance in script planning and professional promotion.
Wenfeng world, a department store in Jiangsu Province, also encouraged 13000 employees to switch to online shopping guides during the outbreak, which accounted for 85% of its own small app sales. Among them, the cumulative personal sales of gold medal sales even reached 1 million.
In order to encourage the shopping guide, wechat ecological service providers including youzan and Weimeng have launched the “distribution” plug-in. Every time the shopping guide drains or facilitates a transaction for the live broadcasting room, he can get the corresponding reward.
Youzan data shows that at present, 10 million store clerks have registered for this function, realizing online and offline dual channel sales.
In fact, in addition to promoting the transformation of shopping guide, small program live broadcast has also played a role in helping businesses improve the management of members and promoting online and offline integration.
According to Wang Honghai, small program live broadcast not only provides more intuitive user communication channels for businesses, but also helps to provide more abundant user portraits. For example, the live broadcast tool will record the member ID of the live broadcast room, and analyze the member’s behavior such as viewing times and duration. After accumulating certain behavior data, businesses can provide more accurate live broadcast services for members, such as pushing the content that users are interested in. Even if the user quits after watching it for one minute, it will precipitate into the consumption big data.
In terms of online and offline integration, friendship department store is trying to promote customers’ consumption in the store through online shopping and offline pick-up, and has also made an offline activity preview in the live broadcast. Yinman women’s wear attaches importance to the drainage effect of small program live broadcast on physical stores. Through live broadcast, users can pay attention to new products and experience “cloud fitting”, so as to guide customers to the nearby physical stores for consumption.
Although the live broadcast business in wechat is quiet, the annual transaction volume of wechat applet has reached 800 billion in 2019, with a year-on-year increase of 160%. This year, Kwai Tsing and fast hand have established GMV goals for electricity providers, and the total of the two tiktok is about 450 billion, just half of the total amount of small business transactions in 2019. When Kwai tiktok picked up the business of short term video live as a fulcrum to set up its own supply chain, WeChat insisted that it would not do business.
Wechat obviously doesn’t want to do it and can’t do Taobao, but is more willing to give full play to the role of the tool platform.
Liu Chiping, President of Tencent, once said that applet is the basic tool positioning, and we hope to connect enterprises and users together, especially in retail and other industries. Small programs can help us to increase traffic and establish good service relationships for more enterprise customers.
Wang Honghai analyzed titanium media that the difference was related to the company’s different strategies. Taobao tiktok and jitter are Kwai Chung, while WeChat emphasizes connection. Tencent itself is not very strong, or very conscious to build its own business platform, mainly to connect online and business bridges, so it directly reflects the difference in product and operation mode.
From IM tools, official account, to small programs and live broadcast, WeChat tools have been continuously improved, which has brought new exports to huge private domain traffic. The test brought about by the epidemic situation also let businesses finally understand that although the live delivery is lively, only by maintaining the customers can the business be done for a long time.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)