Former MAC executive: Apple will force Windows PC to move to arm camp


Apple will force Windows PC to move to arm camp
Sina digital news on July 14 morning news, Apple announced on WWDC that MAC computers in the future will adopt Apple self-developed chips based on ARM architecture, causing a great sensation in the industry. According to 9to5mac, former Apple Mac Development Director Louis Garcie said that Apple decided to switch to arm processor on MAC, which would force high-end windows PCs to adopt arm based processors.
Louis Garcie left apple in 1990, but as the one who shelved plans to license MacOS to other manufacturers, he played a very influential role in the future of MAC.
He made his case in a blog post. That is, ARM processor will provide higher performance and longer battery life.
The reason why Louis Garcie is so confident is that the performance of a12z is not much different from that of MacBook Pro according to geekbench test. Apple did not disclose the power consumption of the a12z processor, but can refer to a figure – the iPad Pro is an 18W power adapter output. This gives us more expectations for apple chips, which can significantly reduce power consumption without losing processing power.
The second is throughput. Given the current a12z, the future Apple chip will have less than 25% throughput compared with the corresponding x86 computer. To be sure, these are conjectures and assumptions about apple chips. Louis Garcie said that in the future, macs equipped with apple chips will be faster, smaller and last more than 10 hours, which is also worth the “money” of apple.
Microsoft can’t sit back and watch Apple dominate the PC market, and third-party brands that make windows PCs won’t allow it. This also leaves Microsoft with an option, according to Louis Garcie. Either we don’t consider arm windows and hand over the modern PC to Apple; or we can go forward to solve the problem of application compatibility and provide competitive products based on arm.
Microsoft has tried to manufacture surface machines with ARM processor, but due to the lack of application and performance, it can only end in failure.
Finally, Louis Garcie said Apple was unlikely to replace all its computers with apple chips, which was a long-term project. (Yu Ze)