Fu Shu technology won the “Zhanlu Award” Rookie Award


On July 10, the global industrial intelligence summit of 2020 world Artificial Intelligence Conference and Forbes China jointly released the Zhanlu Award for global industrial Internet, and Shanghai Fortune Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the “Rookie Award”.
The world’s first industrial smart field award, the “+AI” award, was launched jointly by Forbes, the global industrial intelligence summit. It aims to attract the leaders of the industrial Internet core area around the world and lead the industry towards the development of digitalization and intellectualization.
According to reports, Shanghai rich number Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of key technologies such as federal learning and multi-party secure computing. It combines artificial intelligence, cryptography, big data and self-developed core algorithms to develop self-developed controllable product matrix to serve the smart city and smart industry, and build a cross enterprise and cross industry value service bridge of data production factors. On the premise of ensuring data security, the company has developed a self-developed controllable product matrix Realize the value-added of data assets and provide independent and controllable solutions for customers in different fields.