Focus on the field of smart home, customized home brand Nola appeared in Guangzhou Construction Expo


At the Construction Expo held on July 8-11, Nola, a new customized home retail brand of Qijia, an Internet home decoration service platform, was officially unveiled. It is understood that Nola was jointly founded by and the customized home furnishing enterprise haolaike in 2019, which integrates the advantages of products and channels of both sides and opens up online and offline channels.
But Xianxi, general manager of Nola, said at the industrial ecology conference that the new retail industry of customized home furnishings started late, but developed rapidly, and has become a huge industry. However, there are not many brands that do well in the industry. On the one hand, many brands do not have a precise grasp of consumer demand and the market positioning is not clear. On the other hand, new retail of customized home puts forward high requirements for front-end marketing, design, and back-end production and delivery. If any link is not done well, it may lead to poor consumption experience.
Nola has done a lot of research on consumers’ purchase desire and preference by using the database of Supported by the data, Nola has planned its market positioning – “light fashion, light life”, focusing on the youth market to meet the needs of personalized and intelligent home products.
In 2020, Nola will focus on the smart home field in terms of products. “In 2020, Nola will increase the research and development of intelligent products such as household water purification, intelligent lighting, kitchen water and flue gas monitoring, fresh air system, etc., and personalized customization + new retail + smart home will greatly enhance the brand competitiveness.” But Xianxi said.
It is reported that in November last year, Nola’s first new retail store opened in Suzhou. Since then, it has expanded to Shenzhen, Kunming, Beijing, Jiaxing and other cities. More than a dozen stores have been officially opened in China. In addition, Nola is starting to pilot the community micro store model to further close to consumers.