Luckin held a shareholders’ meeting to discuss the removal of Liu Erhai, Li Hui and other directors


Sina science and technology news on July 5 afternoon news, lucky coffee special shareholders’ meeting was held at 15:00 p.m. in Shenzhou Youche headquarters.
As it was Sunday, there were not a large number of employees in the headquarters of Shenzhou Youche. At the same time, the official management of personnel access to the building is very strict, only the south gate is opened, and access requires a work card or relevant certificates. At present, the entrance of the building has gathered a number of media.
According to the previous official announcement, the matters to be discussed at the shareholders’ meeting include the removal of Chairman Lu Zhengyao from the appointment of directors, the removal of Li Hui and Liu Erhai from the appointment of directors, and the dissolution of the appointment of independent director Shao Xiaoheng. Lucky coffee will also discuss the addition of two new independent directors at the shareholders’ meeting.
This is the second round in which Lu Zhengyao faction and the opposition represented by investors compete for control of Luckin coffee’s board of directors.
On July 2, Luckin coffee held a meeting of the board of directors at 21 o’clock in the evening to discuss the removal of Lu Zhengyao as a director and chairman of the board. However, the matter was not approved due to the support of more than two thirds of the directors. Lu Zhengyao continued to serve as the director and chairman of lucky coffee.
Today’s special shareholders’ meeting can be seen as Lu Zhengyao’s attempt to clean up the board of directors of lucky coffee. If the plan is implemented, a number of directors and independent directors who participated in and supported the fraud investigation will be eliminated. The final outcome of the meeting will be announced by the official. (Zhang Jun)