Chen Zuckerberg foundation is implicated and worried about the impact of Facebook on charity work


Sina science and technology news on the morning of July 5, Beijing time, according to the news agency, Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) now not only has to face the unprecedented dissatisfaction of Facebook internal staff, but also to deal with the criticism of the staff and beneficiaries of his charity Chen Zuckerberg Foundation (CZI).
A group of CZI funded scientists wrote an open letter to Zuckerberg last month expressing their concerns about Facebook spreading false information. The group said the letter is just the beginning, and employees of the charity will continue to discuss ways to urge their boss to solve the problem of hate speech on their social networks.
“There has always been false information on Facebook that has had a negative impact not only on democracy and society in the United States, but also around the world,” said Martin kampmann, a CZI funded scientist. He helped write an open letter to Zuckerberg. So far, 227 signatures have been received, including several employees of the foundation.
Jason shepherd, another CZI funded scientist, also signed the letter, saying the group has been keeping a low profile in the past few weeks trying and deciding what to do next. Other vocal groups have also contacted them, and scientists say they are willing to work with experts to solve the problem of false information.
Other critics of Zuckerberg include doctors at Zuckerberg’s San Francisco General Hospital, who contacted scientists to support the criticism. In 2015, Zuckerberg and his wife donated $75 million to the hospital and named it “Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital”. Over the past year, critics have been trying to remove the word “Zuckerberg” from the name of the hospital. As public opinion further pressured Zuckerberg and Facebook, and critics from all walks of life accused the company of failing to effectively manage the platform and control the hate content on it, Matt Haney, the San Francisco regulator, came back this week.
“I know he donated money to the hospital,” Hani said in a twitter post on June 28, “but we still have a way to remove Zuckerberg’s name from the name of the hospital, and the medical staff are working on a plan to get the best of both worlds.” In another post, Hani said health care workers are voting to remove Zuckerberg’s name.
Brent Andrew, a spokesman for the hospital, said that since the name was changed, community members and staff have expressed concerns about “deleting names and not deleting names.”. “There is no plan to change the name of the hospital, and even if we want to change it, we do not have the legal authority to do so,” he added.
“Although the Chen Zuckerberg foundation is a charitable organization, and its mission and team are completely independent of Facebook, we also know that some people are frustrated and worried that the work of CZI will be affected by Facebook,” a spokesman for the foundation said in a statement.
Campman believes that President Trump’s post of “dare to rob or shoot” on May 29 is a turning point, highlighting a more serious problem.
“The problem is more serious than trump,” he said
Zuckerberg and his wife wrote in response to the scientist’s open letter. They thank the scientists for sharing their views and say they are also “shocked and disgusted by the president’s post.”.
It’s just, for many people, it’s not enough. According to the video tape learned by the media, at a staff meeting held in June, a CZI employee asked Zuckerberg to resign if he refused to deal with Trump’s post.
“I’m not going to quit,” Zuckerberg replied.
Debora marks, one of the CZI funded scientists, said that rather than resign, “it’s better to persuade him to choose the right side of history and change Facebook.”.
Within Facebook, hundreds of employees have launched online strikes. Advertisers on the platform have also boycotted Facebook by revoking advertising agreements.
While many analysts don’t think Facebook’s business will be affected in the long run, it is unprecedented for so many brands to leave the social network. Facebook had to respond quickly, repeatedly communicating with advertisers, explaining what the company would do next to address hate speech, and forcing Zuckerberg to announce a change in Facebook’s policy.