Weibo investigated 181504 marketing accounts involving pornography and vulgarity, and some of them have been closed


On July 3, microblog administrators issued a notice on the disposal of malicious marketing numbers. This week (6.29-7.2), we dealt with 15 fuze and war marketing; 49 large-scale and 181455 small-sized ones were involved in pornographic and vulgar fans. The above two types of malicious marketing number shall be subject to the severity of the violation and take measures such as prohibition and closure. If the disposed account has any objection to the disposal result, please contact @ Weibo customer service for complaint.
For malicious marketing content and account number, the majority of netizens can directly through online complaints to harmful information, yellow related information, false information, garbage marketing and other complaints.
In addition, the station has launched online “malicious marketing” complaint classification, including “lead war” and “unqualified acquisition and editing” two complaint options, which can be targeted at the fuze and war marketing and illegal interview marketing content, so as to timely detect and handle.