Tencent live broadcast will be available for free from July 20 to launch “Blue V Rights and interests”


On July 3, Tencent’s live broadcast team released a letter to Tencent live broadcast merchants and content creators. In response to the call of “strongly developing live e-commerce and releasing consumption potential”, Tencent live broadcasting will open a free access channel from July 20, 2020, so that more enterprises and individuals can participate in the live broadcast e-commerce, optimize the live broadcasting ecology of e-commerce, and promote the development of online live broadcasting.
The specific policies are as follows:
1. Free admission. From 0:00 on July 20, 2020, users can download Tencent live app, complete real name authentication, and have live broadcast rights and e-commerce delivery ability.
2. Blue V equity. If you want to have more rights and interests, you can upload enterprise business license, legal person id card and other information, pay 599 yuan / year certification fee, upgrade to Tencent live blue V users, enjoy 6 rights and interests:
Blue V logo: the head image of personal center has blue V certification mark.
Small program jump: automatically open the small program jump with goods qualification, to realize the jump from watching live broadcast to the merchant’s own small program with goods.
Exclusive public domain traffic support: the platform formulates the blue V exclusive public domain traffic support scheme.
Priority to participate in official activities: give priority to the activities launched by Tencent live broadcast.
Exclusive customer service: exclusive manual customer service.
Function first experience: give priority to experience the new functions of Tencent live broadcast products.
* official account of blue V exclusive traffic flow, please note the “Tencent live assistant” public policy push.
3. Automatic upgrade. Merchants and content owners who pay 599 yuan / half a year technical service fee before 0:00 on July 20, 2020 will automatically upgrade to Tencent live blue V users and enjoy the rights and interests of the six blue V!
In addition, Tencent live broadcast officially launched the “Tencent live classroom” course, which provides all users with Tencent live broadcast product function introduction, e-commerce ability and live delivery skills, etc. for details, please refer to Tencent live app personal center live broadcast classroom.