Tencent insiders explode cooperation with Lao Ganma, and there are loopholes in many links, but no one is aware of them


Original title: exclusive | Tencent insiders explode cooperation with Lao Ganma, and there are loopholes in many links, but no one is aware of them
Source: eleven people from finance and Economics
Liu Yiqin Wu Qiong
Tencent “QQ flying car” project group has been “protected”. Everyone in the project team was told that they were not allowed to disclose any relevant information to the public, even in the face of Tencent’s colleagues, some people asked about it, and the unified reply was: “I’m just implementing the project, and I don’t know the specific situation.”.
As for the business counterpart who was negotiating with Lao Ganma’s cooperation project, his name has not been found in Tencent’s internal enterprise wechat. “I’m sure he hasn’t left yet.” A Tencent game business personage told “finance and economics” reporter.
Laoganma and Guiyang police’s “reversal” announcement put Tencent in an awkward situation. Netizens generally believed that Tencent had been cheated, and then Tencent did many PR activities, including publishing a small video at station B (Tencent shares 13%), making fun of its “honest friends”, publishing pictures of Laoganma in Tencent’s canteen, offering 1000 bottles of Laoganma for relevant clues, but did not make a positive statement whether it was really cheated.
“Before Laoganma made an announcement, Tencent firmly believed that it could win.” A Tencent source told “finance and economics” reporter, “never thought about the possibility of being cheated, otherwise I would not choose to go to the court.”
But the fact is obviously not in the direction of Tencent’s expectation. “No matter how hard you shake it, you can’t save it.” The above-mentioned Tencent people said that another person who had participated in the cooperation told Caijing that Tencent was still trying to find clues and try to save the situation.
“Finance and economics” reporter exclusive understanding, Tencent and “old Ganma” cooperation from the beginning, revealed all kinds of strange atmosphere, but none of the departments involved found any problems.
Ten million level projects, involving business, marketing, operations, products, legal, financial and other departments and levels, business progress reports should be conducted at regular intervals. Large amount of projects will not be paid at one time. Usually, multiple installment payment nodes will be set up, and each delay needs to be reported layer by layer.
Until the final decision to go to Nanshan court to file a lawsuit is also a “forced” choice. Usually, the project team will try to find a way to delay the payment of customers. “If we can’t drag on, we will take legal measures, which also need to be discussed and decided by all departments of the company.” Tencent said the game.
But until Guiyang police issued a notice, Tencent has not found anything strange.
01 it was weird from the beginning
First of all, the amount of cooperation over 16 million is unusual. A number of Tencent game personage mentioned, this contract amount is very unreasonable.
A Tencent game business person told Caijing that Tencent has done a series of joint activities with Guochao. Laoganma is one of them. Another Tencent game “QQ dazzle dance” also has joint name cooperation with Li Ning.
In such cooperation, there will be few real gold and silver transactions. Both sides are big brands. They usually exchange resources or commission on sales of CO branded goods. “There are also projects that will pay, with a maximum of several million. It is impossible to have such a sum of 16 million. Tencent’s purpose is to attract more game users, not to earn advertising fees through cooperation.”
The cost of cooperation is not high. “If it’s a very elaborate game character skin, it needs a budget of about 1 million. Under normal circumstances, hundreds of thousands of people can make it, and invite E-sports players to help promote it. Most of the time, it doesn’t cost money, except for players with special heads.” Tencent gamers said that if the other side really agreed to pay 16 million, it would be a big pie in the sky.
“The idea of cooperation is that if you can do it without spending money, if you can replace it with resources, you will never get real gold and silver. Why spend 16 million on advertising in” QQ flying car “for a famous brand like Laoganma Tencent said the game.
“QQ flying car” online Laoganma “co name” elements, including character clothing, props and some game lines, etc., the design is not complex, most of them put Lao Ganma’s logo directly, “the art design team must have been having fun, never met such a good talkative Party A
According to him, from the beginning of the cooperation, Tencent thought that it had “made a lot of money” and had negotiated a contract of 16 million yuan. In the process of promoting the activity, the other party hardly put forward any opinions, and everything went smoothly. In addition to in-game promotion, Tencent also organized E-sports players to “platform” for Lao Ganma, which are common forms of cooperation.
Since then, there are also some oddities in the process of promoting the project. A person involved in Tencent’s cooperation project with Lao Ganma told Caijing that he didn’t feel anything wrong at that time, but there was something unusual in his mind afterwards.
After the completion of the cooperation project with Laoganma, Tencent held a summary award ceremony at the end of 2019. The team undertaking the award ceremony wanted to invite the people from Laoganma company to participate, but could not contact each other.
“For other brands, sales can get to the contact person and contact information, and even push wechat directly to us, and they (old Ganma) can’t contact at all.” He said, “I thought it was a little strange at that time. How could it not be contacted? In the past, there have been cases where the brand side can’t come, so no one will go into it if they don’t come. ”
“It’s true that you can’t get in touch, but you can always reach other people in other departments of their company. How can it be that no one can be contacted in such a large company?” Tencent said they could not understand.
In addition, before the start of cooperation, the other party is usually required to pay an advance payment, “otherwise, it is not compliant.” At different time nodes, a certain proportion of the contract amount needs to be paid. If the activity invitation can not be contacted, it is understandable that there is no in-depth investigation, but it can not be contacted when urging payment, so we need to be vigilant.

Tencent said in a statement that it had repeatedly urged Laoganma for payment, but Laoganma said that it had never received any reminders from Tencent. Laoganma’s official website announced a landline number. Caijing reporter called and a staff member answered the phone. The staff member said that she did not know the specific situation of the dispute. All information released by official wechat shall prevail.
“Anyway, the account period is really long. After the work has been finished, the account has not been urged.” The participants mentioned above. As the upstream has not received payment, the remuneration of relevant external personnel for some cooperative projects that have already been implemented has not been settled until the beginning of 2020.
So far, Tencent and relevant departments have not disclosed whether Tencent has received advance payment. “I don’t know if there is any advance payment on the front end marketing side. When the process comes to our stage, it is a thing that has already been set up. The front-end has already gone through the legal and contract processes. We are responsible for and selling the details, and then we will send the email approval to do it or not. After approval, we will do it at the bottom. ” The person familiar with the matter said.
The aforementioned Tencent gamers mentioned that all contracts signed will be reviewed by the legal department. The purpose of the review is to check whether there are any clauses that may cause adverse effects on Tencent, as well as the specific qualifications.
Obviously, the legal department did not find the problem.
02 Tencent wants to save the situation
The dispute between Tencent and Laoganma is still fermenting.
On June 29, Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Court issued a civil ruling, agreeing to the plaintiff Tencent’s request to seal up and freeze the property of the defendant Laoganma company worth 16.24 million yuan.
On June 30, Tencent said that in March 2019, Tencent and Lao Ganma signed an advertising cooperation agreement to promote Laoganma’s hot pepper series in Tencent’s game “QQ flying car”, but Lao Ganma failed to pay as agreed in the contract. Tencent repeatedly urged no results, so it had to sue in accordance with the law.
On the evening of June 30, the plot began to reverse. Laoganma said that she had not cooperated with Tencent. Then, Shuanglong branch of Guiyang Public Security Bureau issued a notice saying, “according to our preliminary investigation, three suspects forged Laoganma’s official seal, pretended to be the manager of the company’s marketing department, and signed a cooperation agreement with Tencent, in order to obtain the game gift code given in the promotion activities, After that, they illegally obtained economic benefits through Internet reselling. ”
This is also a strange thing. Game virtual goods reselling is very common on the Internet, some rare game props will even be fried to a high price. However, the game gift bag of “QQ flying car” is not valuable. The price of “QQ flying car” gift bag on Taobao is about 60-100 yuan, and the monthly sales volume of single gift bag is less than 100.
Tencent games in cooperation with the brand, will launch a limited game gift package. If the other party has a physical product, the common practice is that when the user purchases a specific product, he will get a gift package code, which can be redeemed in the game.
“There is no cost price for the game gift bag. If you don’t sell it, it’s not worth money. It’s just a line of code for the backstage,” said the person familiar with the matter. How many gift bags will be given to each other in specific cooperation is decided by the project team of “QQ flying car”
According to the aforementioned Tencent personage, there are no rare items in the game gift bag customized by Tencent for “QQ flying car”, which can not be sold at a high price, and there should not be too many people willing to buy it. According to questmobile, a third-party data company, in June 2019, QQ’s monthly live users were 34.52 million, while those of King’s glory and peace elite both exceeded 160 million, and that of another Tencent game, joy versus landlord, was 51.88 million.
“Finance and economics” reporter interviewed Tencent people said, can not understand why the suspect should spend a lot of effort to defraud not too high value game gift code.
After seeing the notice from Guiyang police, Tencent is still trying to find clues to save the situation.
Laoganma Flavor Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. Tao Huabi, the founder of Laoganma Flavor Food Co., Ltd., was once known as the “goddess of the people”. At present, the two major shareholders of Laoganma food company are Li Miaohang and Li Guishan, with 51% and 49% shares respectively. Li Guishan is the son of Tao Huabi.
Tencent is also listed as the defendant Laoganma flavor food sales Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Laoganma flavor food company. Tao Huabi is the executive director and general manager.
A Tencent employee said in a circle of friends, “it is not difficult for careful netizens to find that there are two companies of old Ganma in the civil ruling, but only one company is mentioned in the police circular.” In the notice issued by Guiyang police, only Laoganma Flavor Food Co., Ltd. was mentioned,
Xue Jun, vice president of Law School of Peking University, told Caijing that this does not mean anything. “Usually, the sales companies sign external cooperation contracts, but now no one knows how Tencent signed the contracts at that time.”
Many people questioned Tencent’s “abuse of public power” and applied to freeze Lao Ganma’s assets without strict examination and approval. Xue Jun mentioned that Tencent’s pre litigation preservation is relatively standardized. If it is wrong, it will cause losses to Lao Ganma, and the two guarantee companies mentioned in the ruling need to bear the responsibility. The guarantee companies in the ruling are the Shenzhen Branch of Xinjian Qianhai United Property Insurance Co., Ltd. and the Shenzhen Branch of the people’s Property Insurance Co., Ltd.
Some people often describe working in a large company as a screw. “When you are a screw, you will not go into the matter to find out whether it is reasonable or not. You can only receive the task and implement it. You think that you have established a solid framework system by layers of checks, but with a slight push of external forces, it may fall down.” Tencent said.
The dispute between Tencent and Laoganma is still continuing. On July 2, Nanshan court of Shenzhen City said that the case was being further tried, and the final result was subject to the opinions of the collegial panel; on July 3, the people’s Procuratorate of Nanming District, Guiyang City, said that it attached great importance to the case and had instructed prosecutors to intervene in the case as soon as possible to understand the case and guide the investigation.
Tencent told Caijing that there was no new official response to the matter.