Details of MAC processor developed by Apple: 8 large cores + 4 small cores in 5nm process


Original title: Apple self-developed MAC processor details exposed: 5nm process 8 large cores + 4 small cores source: xinzhixun
At the previous WWDC conference, apple officially announced its plan to develop its own MAC processor based on ARM architecture, and called it Apple silicon. But Apple didn’t release details about Apple silicon. It only knew it would adopt TSMC’s 5nm process, which would be commercially available by the end of this year. However, some foreign media have recently exposed some details of Apple silicon.
According to foreign media reports, the first apple silicon is built with 5nm technology and 12 core configuration, which is composed of 8 firestorm high-performance cores and 4 icestorm energy efficiency cores. At present, there is no clear score about its performance.
However, only from the perspective of Apple development machine based on a12z MacOS 11 previously exposed, it can be imagined that Apple silicon can compete with other competitors such as amd Ruilong 5 4500u and Intel i7-1065g7 in the graphics performance of geekbench 5 OpenCL.
Among them, HP envy X360 variant is equipped with AMD Reebok 54500u, and Microsoft Surface Book 3 is equipped with i7-1065g7. What’s more, with Rosetta 2, there is a performance loss, and the a12z is not as “full blooded” as it is on the iPad pro.
Apple has developed ARM processor for many years, and has achieved great success on iPhone and iPad. For notebook, due to the internal space and power consumption limit is far less than that of iPhone and iPad, apple is likely to achieve success with self-developed Apple silicon.