Aiyouteng’s self-made drama War: Celebrating years in the secret corner


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Author / Xue Jing
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How this battle will be staged and who will win and who will lose is still unknown.
Online drama finally tore off the label of low and walked out of the bottom of the chain of contempt.
On June 16, 2020, the online drama “secret corner” was broadcast on iqiyi. Then, the plot and production became the focus of public discussion. As of July 3, the score of the drama in Douban was 8.9, with 526713 netizens participating in the rating.
Even the actor Zhang Ziyi has a high opinion of the play. On June 25, she tweeted that the show could compete with American and British dramas.
In 2009, Youku launched a self-made play “hip hop Quartet”, which has brought online drama into public view. But since then, online dramas have been labeled as “low cost”, “small production” and “grassroots”. But in 2019, the broadcast of “more than one year of celebration”, “twelve hours of Chang’an”, “petition order” and “chronicle of young people of Song Dynasty” made the public begin to change their outlook on online drama. 8.7, 8.7 and 8.7 respectively. In the same year, the TV series “youth school” directed by Liu Huining and Li Shaofei scored only 6.6 in Douban.
In 2020, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic hit the film and television industry. Cinemas could not be opened. More than 300 production teams in Hengdian were shut down. However, online dramas seemed not to be affected, and they were still popular on major platforms. In the past six months alone, 51 self-made dramas have been launched on aiyouteng’s three platforms, while in 2019, only 88 self-made dramas have been launched on the three platforms.
Moreover, the Douban scores of “secret corner”, “sighing bridge”, “sideburns are not red crabapple”, “Xia Tan Jian do not know” and “Longling Grottoes” all exceeded 8.0.
Daxiongfan screened out the homemade dramas launched by these three platforms before July 1, 2020, and sorted out their collaborators, drama types and sources, so as to analyze the differences in homemade dramas among the three aiyouteng video platforms from 2019 to now, and which self-made plays are more popular with the audience.
1. Iqiyi is in love with urban dramas, Youku tends to be costume dramas, and Tencent’s favorite love dramas
Let’s start with the number of homemade dramas.
In 2019, a total of 88 home-made dramas will be launched on these three platforms, of which Tencent accounts for the majority and 40 are online, accounting for nearly half of the number. Iqiyi launched 33, accounting for 37%, while Youku only launched 15, accounting for 17%.
As of July 1, 2020, 51 home-made dramas have been launched on the three platforms, including 24 on Tencent, 16 on iqiyi and 11 on Youku.
Tencent prefers homemade dramas, followed by iqiyi, but Youku doesn’t pay much attention to this market. However, in 2020, when online dramas are booming, Youku will start to work on this track. Compared with last year’s data, Youku has launched 11 units in only half a year, reaching 74% of last year’s. At this rate, Youku is likely to catch up with last year.
Let’s look at the type of play.
Compare the top 5 homemade drama types of the three platforms. Iqiyi was more inclined to urban drama, and costume drama ranked fifth. But Youku is more inclined to costume drama, while urban drama ranks fifth. Tencent is different from them, the first is love drama, the fifth is youth drama.
The preferences of the three seem different, but there are also similarities.
The top 5 homemade dramas are all urban, love, suspense, youth and costume, but the focus is slightly different.
In recent two years, IP adaptation has become the development trend of film and TV series. The broadcast volume of huaqiangu exceeded 20 billion, the total broadcast volume of Chuqiao Zhuan was 47.4 billion, and the broadcast volume of Sansheng Sanshi Shili peach blossom reached 50 billion. The major film and television companies have snatched the copyright of IP such as “fighting against the sky”, “fragrant honey falling like frost”, “Legend of Zhen Huan”, “Langya Bang”, “city falling with a smile” and “twelve hours of Chang’an”.
Aiyouteng naturally will not miss this battle.
Among the sources of self-made dramas, iqiyi has 22 online dramas adapted from IP (including novel adaptation, cartoon adaptation and film adaptation), followed by Tencent with 23 and Youku with 13.
However, compared with IP adaptation, Tencent prefers to be original, with 35 online dramas all original and 12 adapted beyond IP.
For Youku and iqiyi, originality is their second choice.
AI Youteng’s third choice is a classic remake, but their investment is not much. Tencent has only 4 online dramas from the classic remake, 2 iqiyi and 1 Youku.
Unlike the other two platforms, Youku is no longer shooting series, while iqiyi and Tencent are involved.
The online drama adapted from real events is limited to iqiyi.
On the issue of the source of the series, aiyouteng seems to have its own choice, but they all choose IP adaptation, classic remake, and original.
As for the mode of production, cooperation with other film and television companies has become Youku’s first choice.
According to statistics, in 2019 and the first half of 2020, Youku only produced two online dramas independently, accounting for 7.7% of the total.
And iqiyi and Tencent still have most of the online dramas produced independently. Iqiyi has 8, accounting for 16.5% of the total, while Tencent has 14, accounting for 23% of the total.
The company that cooperates, Youku prefers to choose new and cutting-edge film and television companies. According to the statistics of TV series eagle eye, 31.8% of its partners have been registered after 2017, including the partner of “hechen Huating” and “Changan twelve hours” for entertainment culture.
Iqiyi and Tencent prefer to cooperate with the backbone and old film and television companies. The only companies that jointly produce “limit 17” are Wah haw Wah, the Guiyi film and television of “love the lake” and the star attraction of “chasing the ball”. In addition, the two platforms also like to cooperate with national film and television companies.
For example, Jindun film and Television Cultural Center of the Ministry of public security CO produced “student police whirlwind”, “good beginning and good ending” and “heart Hunter”; propaganda and cultural center of the Political Work Department of the armed police force of the “Sirius of the anti terrorist special force”; and the propaganda and cultural center of the Political Work Department of the air force for “flying boy”. But Youku has not cooperated with these companies in the past two years.

In aiyouteng’s cooperative producers, there are no lack of film and television companies under other platforms. “Golden pupil” and “once upon a time there was a Lingjian mountain” were jointly produced by iqiyi and Tencent. The co producer of Youku’s homemade drama “Lady fluttering fist” was jointly produced by the reading film industry of Tencent department, and the partner of “female forensic medicine of Tang Dynasty” was also the reading group of Tencent department. In addition to these three platforms, mango film and television has also become their partner. Song Dynasty youth annals, struggle, youth! 》”Limit 17″ and “the switch of love” are the co producers of the four online dramas, all of which have the name of mango film and TV.
Through comparison, the three platforms have slightly different attitudes and strategies towards homemade drama. However, with the development of each platform, they gradually interweave together to seek win-win mode. In the different choices of the types and sources of the repertoire, aiyouteng also has similarities.
2. Production lineup or kingcraft
From 2019 to July 1, 2020, iqiyi has launched 49 self-made dramas, Youku has launched 26 self-made dramas, and Tencent has launched 64 self-made dramas. In terms of quantity, Tencent has the largest share of this track. However, compared with Douban score, iqiyi and Youku surpassed it.
Tencent has only 3 self-made dramas with a Douban score of more than 8, while 14 have no rating. However, there are 4 self-made dramas with iqiyi score above 8, only 3 with no score, while there are 3 self-made dramas with Youku score above 8, which are equal to Youku. However, the self-made drama without score is far lower than Tencent, with only two.
Tencent’s number of homemade dramas with a score of less than 6.5 also exceeds that of the other two platforms. Tencent 26, Youku 11, iqiyi 24.
The success or failure of online number does not mean everything. Whether it can attract the audience and whether it can be recognized by the audience is the focus that should be paid attention to in the development of online drama.
Compare the homemade dramas with more than 8 scores from three platforms to study the audience’s preferences.
The first is the source of the script. Whether it is adapted for IP has become one of the criteria for the audience to choose. Among the 10 Online dramas, 7 are adapted from novels and only 3 are original.
In terms of production, there are only two independent productions, namely iqiyi’s “secret corner” and Tencent’s “one inch lovesickness in youth Tour”.
However, although the two plays are not cooperating with other companies, the team behind them is equally strong.
Hidden corner is supervised by Han Sanping, who was vice chairman and deputy general manager of China Film Group Corporation. He has been involved in the production of “Party A and Party B”, “Crazy Stone”, “Wuji”, “toumingzhi”, “Chibi” and “Mei Lanfang”.
Take a look at the cast of this play. Qin Hao, the leading actor, has been nominated for Cannes Film emperor three times. Rong Zishan, the actor of Zhu Chaoyang, has participated in Jia Zhangke’s film “old man of mountains and rivers”.
Another independent production by Tencent, “one inch Acacia youth Tour”, directed by Mao Kunyu, the “Diablo 3” starred by Guo Jingfei, and “Shahai” starred by Wu Lei and Qin Hao, are all written by him. He also won the second prize of the Golden Star Award of the PLA for his “Kuang Ji Xun Peng Sui uprising”. The representative works of Wu Tong, the chief screenwriter of the play, are the best of us in 2016 and to our simple little beauty in 2017. His special effects team has produced many well-known works, such as “Wolf Totem” and “ghost blowing lamp searching for Dragon rhyme”, while his art director Liu Jingping’s representative work is “painted skin”.
Other non independent production of the network drama, whether the partners or cast are not ordinary generation.
Among the producers, there are many light media, dark blue film and Wanda film. In addition, the cast also brings together a number of celebrities, such as Lei Jiayin, Yibu Qianxi, Li Guangming, Huang Xiaoming, she Shiman, Zhang Ruoyun, pan Yueming, etc.
Nowadays, whether the lineup of online drama production is strong or not is an important indicator to attract audience.
Finally, for the audience’s favorite type of online drama. From 2019 to the first half of 2020, Daxiong fan selected the types of operas with more than 8 points and 6.5-8 points of aiyouteng’s homemade dramas from 2019 to the first half of 2020, and refined the keywords that appear more than five times.
In the online dramas with more than 8 points, the audience’s favorite types are youth, suspense, emotion, martial arts, exploration and ancient costume. The scores of 6.5-8 were youth, city, love, costume, suspense and campus. Among them, youth, ancient clothes, suspense these three categories overlap in the two grades.
3. The drama involved in the case
In 2019, the online drama has become the place of contention for businesses on the long video track. Now, in the battle of aiyouteng, all parties have unique advantages.
Iqiyi is more willing to expand new fields. In 2019, when Youku and Tencent focus on love and costume dramas, they launched the anti drug and suspense online drama operation ice breaking, which is not an IP adaptation but an adaptation of real events. “Flying boy” launched in 2020 is also based on real events. And this kind of network drama, the other two have not yet involved.
Youku’s online drama history is longer than the other two. In 2009, it launched the hip hop Quartet, which won the best online drama of China’s “22 Film Festival”, and it was the first online drama with 100 million views in China.
Iqiyi’s first online drama, online love, was launched in 2011, two years later than Youku. Tencent’s first online drama “not faint men and women” was launched in 2012.
However, in 2013, Yang Weidong joined Youku, and his homemade dramas gradually decreased. In 2016, Alibaba culture and entertainment group was established, and he was appointed president of dayouku business group. Backed by the gold owner, Youku’s push mode has become investment and copyright acquisition.
On December 4, 2018, Yang Weidong resigned as the president of Youku due to economic problems, and fan Luyuan, chairman of Ali film, took the concurrent post. At this time, Youku began to focus on homemade drama. At this time, the number of self-made dramas online was far lower than iqiyi and Tencent.

As for Tencent, it owns Penguin film and television, hot pot video and Tencent film, and its capital is abundant. It is better than the other two platforms in terms of investment and production of self-made dramas. This can be seen from the number of self-made dramas online and the cast lineup of its self-made dramas (such as Zhang Ruoyun, Chen Daoming and Li Xiaoran of “qingyunian”, Guo Jingfei of Diablo 3), and the soon to be launched It can be seen from Wu Yifan and Yang Zi in qingzan Xing.
In addition, Tencent holds the reading resources and has many IP addresses, such as “Celebrating more than a year”, “choosing the day”, “Full-time Master”, “collapsing the Star River”, “Eating God of the cute wife”, “Wu Dong Qian Kun” and “fighting against the sky”.
In the case of IP adaptation in power, this is undoubtedly a major advantage of Tencent.
However, iqiyi also has this advantage. In 2016, iqiyi literature was founded and successfully created Ode to joy and the best of us.
In the battle for IP resources, Youku is one step slower.
In the scene of killing, the drama involved in the case is also the place where AI Youteng must contend.
Iqiyi has been highly praised for its 6.9-point ice breaking operation, 7.2-point Chinatown detective, 8.9-point “secret corner” and 7.4-point “ten day game”.
Tencent also launched a number of dramas involved in the case, such as “the cold flame of the border line”, “time and space call”, “Diablo 3”, “iron probe”, “cold case”, “student police whirlwind”, “who survived” and “big song Beidou division”. However, the highest score of these dramas was 7.4 points, among which “cold flame of border line”, “time and space call”, “whirlwind of academic police” and “who survived” were not scored in Douban.
Youku’s dramas involved in the case include “locked room”, “night of sin”, “thunder of flying tiger” and “rebirth”, but the highest score is only 6.5.
Iqiyi won the battle over the drama involved in the case.
In the second half of 2020, aiyouteng will still launch different homemade dramas. It is still unknown how this battle will be staged and who will win and who will lose.
Source / box meal finance (ID: daxiongfan)
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)