“Stubborn disease” of marriage and love social platform difficult to cure?


“Stubborn disease” of marriage and love social platform difficult to cure?
Qu Zhongfang / our reporter / Zhang Jingchao / Beijing Report
In 2010, when the “post-80s” entered their first year of existence, they once led to the outbreak of the Internet marriage market, and set fire to a number of Internet marriage platforms such as century Jiayuan and baihe.com. However, when the first batch of “post-90s” step into the threshold of 30 years in 2020, although the Internet marriage platform also vigorously promotes video dating, live dating and other functions, the marriage social market is still a bit cold. One of the most important reasons is that in recent years, the Internet marriage social market chaos is frequent, often labeled “network fraud” and “pig killing plate”, which greatly affects the influence of these platforms in the user market.
Recently, the reporter of China Business Daily has received a number of complaints from consumers that it has encountered many problems such as false publicity, difficulty in refunding fees and protecting rights on Internet marriage platforms such as century Jiayuan and baihe.com, which are affiliated to Baihe Jiayuan group. At the same time, the “routine scam” on the marriage platform has been exposed frequently and widely criticized by the public.
Why is it difficult to cure the “stubborn disease” of marriage and love social platform? Is there any management vacancy in the Internet marriage platform? What is the future of the marriage social market? In view of these problems, the reporter recently conducted in-depth investigation and interview.
Chaos becomes “persistent disease”
Many consumers have reported that they have encountered problems such as induced payment, member service inconsistent with the previous publicity, and refusal to ask for refund in Shiji Jiayuan and other platforms. Consumers said that “their rights and interests have been damaged.”.
In fact, from the legal litigation information included in Tianyan check, there are not a few consumers who sue the operators of century Jiayuan and baihe.com to the court because of the dispute over the service contract of marriage and love introduction.
According to the relevant situation of consumers, the reporter interviewed Dong Panhong and Zhou Jingli, two lawyers from Beijing Jingshi law firm. The two lawyers told reporters that they often receive similar cases. At present, one case being dealt with is that the user and century Jiayuan signed a matchmaker service with a price of 68888 yuan. The service scope covers the “offline + online” package. One of the contents of the package is that “during the service period of matchmaker (Note: one year), the appointment of no less than 12 objects will be arranged”. However, in the actual implementation process, the service users get is seriously inconsistent with the sales staff’s early publicity. Users suspect that the identity of some objects arranged by matchmaker is doubtful, which may be “child care”. It is understood that at present, the dispute in this case is going through legal procedures.
Two lawyers told reporters that for consumers, such lawsuits are generally faced with the problem of obtaining evidence, which leads to a very difficult process of protecting their rights.
Two lawyers also cited an example of a CEO of a private enterprise who spent more than 200000 yuan on matchmaker services before and after, and did not enjoy services of equal value. However, due to his own social identity, he finally “had to admit defeat” in order to avoid the disclosure of privacy information.
In addition to the common charging services are seriously inconsistent with the actual implementation, the most criticized place of the Internet marriage platform is the “pig killing plate” and other labels. “Suizhupan” is a network buzzword, which refers to the swindle way of inducing victims to invest and gamble by making friends on the Internet. In recent years, a number of “pig killing” cases have been publicly disclosed and cracked by the public security system. The reporter has noticed that the amount of fraud is as high as hundreds of thousands or millions of yuan, and even many cases directly threaten the lives and health of users. These cases also have a common point, that is, criminals often use the loopholes of the information audit of marriage and love platform is not strict, fake identity or resell user identity information, looking for single men and women with marriage needs to cheat. This means that the marriage website has become a “hotbed” for criminals to cheat, resulting in serious social trust crisis for Internet marriage.
“Absence” of platform responsibilities
The disorder and defects of the marriage platform seem to be a chronic disease, and the “disease node” of the persistent disease lies in the absence of the platform for the protection of users’ real information. Although the network security law and the “Internet user account name management provisions” and other laws and regulations put forward specific and hard requirements on the network real name system, it is still questionable whether the real name system is strictly implemented in the major marriage platforms in the actual business operation.
The reporter has experienced several mainstream love and marriage apps, such as century Jiayuan and Lily marriage. The real name authentication is not required for online account registration. Take century Jiayuan app as an example. All information about age, education, marital status, income level and so on can be filled in at will. Within 4 hours after registration, 50 or 60 heterosexual greeting messages will be received. It is difficult to tell whether the information is true or not, and some of them need to be unlocked for viewing. Two days after the registration was completed, the mobile phone of the experience account received a call from a staff member from the “matchmaking Department” of century Jiayuan. In the exchange, the staff admitted that “online users are mixed up, the registration threshold is low, and there are indeed many scams.”. After that, the staff strongly recommended the offline blind date to the reporter, requiring the user to bring his ID card to the headquarters of century Jiayuan company for information review. After the real name verification of Beijing public security “guozhengtong” system, the blind date can be arranged after confirming that the unmarried single is real.
As for the problems of low registration threshold and lax verification of identity information, an insider of century Jiayuan, who did not want to be named, told reporters that “we are not willing to see the phenomenon of buying and selling identity information accounts generated in the black industry chain”; he said that complaints and reports can also be made on second-hand trading platforms such as idle fish. “But (these identity information) through QQ reselling, we have no way.”. For the offline matchmaker service was questioned by some users about the arrangement of “child care”, the source responded, “century Jiayuan has been deeply engaged in the marriage market for many years, and is no longer a small company. How can this method be adopted?”
In the face of the problem that the authenticity of online users’ information is difficult to guarantee, although the marriage platform “cries injustice” when facing users, it often displays “serious”, “real” and “real name” information in the external brand communication and promotion and marketing. In this regard, the marriage platform obviously has the suspicion of misleading potential users and lacking social responsibilities.

Hu Gang, Deputy Secretary General of the law working committee of the China Internet association, pointed out that matchmaking is a low-frequency and important service. The online matchmaking platform needs to strictly abide by the principle of putting the interests of consumers first, strictly adhere to the concept of “sustainable management” and avoid “one hammer deal”. Matchmaking is an industry that relies on high integrity. Matchmaking platforms need to be honest, abide by their promises and live up to the trust of the masses.
“Internet plus” can not become “Internet slag”, platform economy can not become a “evil economy”. Hu Gang said.
Marriage social market changes
Internet marriage platform has been developing for more than ten years. Is “stubborn disease” still to be cured? The reporter noted that, taking advantage of the fire in the field of short video and live broadcasting, century Jiayuan and other marriage and love apps have launched video dating or live broadcast functions, but whether this function can improve the pain points of users’ demand for information authenticity remains to be verified.
It is worth affirming that the mainstream marriage website platform is also uniting with all social forces to call for the construction of an honest marriage and love society. Jiayuan insiders told reporters that during the two sessions this year, representatives proposed to establish a unified national marriage registration information query platform. It is suggested that the Ministry of civil affairs should establish a unified query platform with reference to the civil ID card information system of the Ministry of public security, so as to ensure that marriage websites and matchmaking service agencies can effectively identify customers’ marital status.
Hu Gang pointed out that in recent years, China’s online matchmaking market has become more concentrated, and it is necessary to prevent and stop possible monopoly risks and encourage fair and healthy competition.
It should be pointed out that after more than ten years of development, the mainstream platforms that survive in the Internet marriage market are only the merged century Jiayuan and Baihe, as well as a few websites such as zhenai.com and youyuan.com.
Yang Ge, the founding partner of starhan capital, told reporters: “when looking at the project, we will meet the social needs of marriage and love, but we will not invest in it. This is because in 2005, it was relatively new to be able to grasp the social needs of marriage and love. Now, social networking has become the standard configuration of all mobile Internet applications, and social traffic has been greatly dispersed, which means that the value of traffic is not so much If entrepreneurs start from marriage, love and social contact, their chances of success are very small. ”
Some investors believe that there is still a certain market potential in the field of marriage and social intercourse based on the long-term demand of human instinct. For example, yidui app, which was launched in 2018, recently announced the completion of round B financing of tens of millions of US dollars, which was jointly invested by Xiaomi and Yunjiu capital. Iraq said to the app official that this round of financing will mainly be used for product research and development, operation, marketing channel marketing, “anti black ash production” and so on. The reporter made further interviews with the company on the specific measures of “anti black ash production”, but no official response has been received until the press release.
According to the China Statistical Yearbook 2019 published by the National Bureau of statistics, there are 30.49 million more men than women in China, and the proportion of men and women continues to be unbalanced. According to the statistics of the Ministry of civil affairs, China’s single adult population has reached 240 million by 2018. The industry generally analyzes that a larger “single wave” is coming, and the number of single people in China will continue to increase in the future. This may be good news for the now tepid and chaotic marriage social market. What will happen to the market pattern in the field of marriage and social intercourse? Can a new business model be stimulated in the competition for food? Can the construction of honest marriage society be accelerated? These will be verified by time.