Railway 12306app is updated, and personal itinerary can be viewed on the home page


According to the wechat official account of China Railway on July 3, 12306app was upgraded. It involves three services: personal travel display, station screen and customized travel.
1. Personal itinerary display
This 12306 home page revision, the home page can view personal itinerary, whether it is your own ticket or someone else’s ticket for you, you can see it on the home page.
Simply put, the train tickets bought by your family members can also be seen on the home page of your app. The e-ticket can be checked by directly clicking on the boarding code, and there is no need to collect the ticket!
2. Station screen
The home page of the new railway 12306app supports the display of a recently followed trip. If relatives and friends travel by train, you want to know their travel information. What time does it leave? What time does the station arrive? So, don’t miss this feature!
3. Customized travel service
Travel can be added by scanning ticket QR code, manually adding and selecting from order.