Li Ziqi entered the Chinese test paper and ignored the children’s “right of ignorance”


Original title: Li Ziqi entered the Chinese test paper, ignoring the child’s “right of ignorance”
The story of Li Ziqi appeared in the primary school Chinese test paper. Information map
Recently, parents in Haishu District of Ningbo have been fighting for the final Chinese test paper of grade six in primary school. Some parents posted on the Internet, saying that one of the materials given in the composition is the story of Li Ziqi, the core of the topic is to show the traditional Chinese rural culture, but at the end of the title, the number of fans of Li Ziqi is introduced. Parents think that such a topic is too shallow, and will take partial child values.
When the media investigated the matter, it was found that Li Ziqi did appear in the examination paper, but it was not a composition question, but a reading comprehension question. The child was asked to select one of the three characters, such as Li Ziqi, to recommend him as “the man of the day” and write down the reasons for his recommendation.
In view of the controversy, the test paper maker thinks that this question mainly examines the students’ ability to read quickly and understand the general information. At the same time, the characters listed are “typical examples of overcoming difficulties and finally realizing their dreams for their own ideals, which is also a positive energy encouragement for children.”.
A local online teacher also believes that the current language learning is not only the improvement of literary aesthetics, but also the ability to quickly extract and process information in the era of information explosion. Children should learn about the surrounding world, including various news hot spots and social issues.
The teacher said the great truth seems to be right, but the great truth can not cure all diseases. Internet celebrity is a part of the Internet economy, and it is also a topic that can’t be avoided in the current society. Therefore, I don’t agree with the view that the topic is shallow. However, it is questionable whether Li Ziqi should enter the Chinese examination paper or not, and how to enter it.
The first thing to discuss is Li Ziqi’s video. I don’t deny that her video has aroused many people’s yearning for pastoral songs, but her record of rural life seems distorted due to over beautification. Although the excessive beautification is to meet the needs of traffic, although Li Ziqi always keeps a difference from the general online red, he insists on a low-key attitude and a relatively slow pace of production. People with a little social experience know that it is not real rural life at all. For children with relatively limited judgment, such falsehood is certainly misleading.
Secondly, we should discuss the question form. There are pictures of Li Ziqi’s fans in the test paper, which is redundant only from the topic itself. Some parents question whether this is the subjective fan behavior of the teacher. Although there is the suspicion of “killing the heart”, the query is not for no reason. As for the number of fans as a personal achievement, it is not suitable to appear in the primary school examination paper.
What is unacceptable is that this topic ignores children’s “right to be ignorant”.
There was a detail in the news: the parents who questioned the test paper said they didn’t know who Li Ziqi was, but had heard of it occasionally. Some netizens also put forward “what should children do if they don’t brush their mobile phones at ordinary times”, but the teacher still said that as a reading comprehension question, there is a brief introduction in the stem of the question. Even if the students don’t know, it will not hinder them to do the problem.
However, Li Ziqi is known for her online video. If she doesn’t know anything about it at ordinary times, it’s hard to really understand her life and value only by the words in the title (and some of them just list the number of fans). At this point, the question is unfair. From the attitude of the teachers and local teachers, Li Ziqi is obviously listed as a social hot spot that students should understand. From their subconscious point of view, students should know Li Ziqi. Why don’t you know such a popular person?
However, what about children’s “right to be ignorant”? An adult pupil has no obligation to know. It is even more unreasonable for the teacher to move out the general principle that “students should care about social hot spots”. Even if a student cares about social hot spots and pays attention to the news, he has the freedom not to be interested in Li Ziqi.
A competent teacher, instead of requiring children to have “the ability to quickly extract and process information in the era of information explosion”, it is better to cultivate children “the ability to refuse information in the era of information explosion”.
After human beings enter the network age, “massive information” has been the main media. However, some people are satisfied with “I know everything”, while others prefer “I don’t want to know”, but the latter’s rights are simply vulnerable in the Internet era. Whether you want to know or not, information will appear in front of you in various ways. It can even be said that the evil effect of excessive spam information erosion has long exceeded the benefits of developed information.
There is no information that must be known, and Li Ziqi is no exception. What’s more terrible than that children don’t know Li Ziqi is that the teacher justifiably equates Li Ziqi with the social hot spots that children must care about. What’s more worrying is that similar things are not rare in schools. For example, the so-called “required reading bibliography” obliterates the differences and reading preferences of students, which is not fundamentally different from “Li Ziqi, everyone should know”.