Dialogue with Zhou Feng, CEO of Netease Youdao: the premise of online education marketing is to do content well


Sina science and technology news on July 3 evening news, Netease Youdao boutique course spokesperson Lang Ping in Netease Youdao opened its first open class. In the open class, Lang Ping shared his experience of preparing for the entrance examination to the majority of the candidates. Zhou Feng, CEO of Netease Youdao, was interviewed by media including Sina Technology. Zhou Feng told sina science and technology that the online education industry will become a content oriented industry. If the online education platform wants to increase investment in marketing, good content is the prerequisite, otherwise it is a waste of money.
Speaking of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Zhou Feng said the epidemic had a huge impact on all industries including online education. In the first quarter, Netease Youdao made a radical change, launched free courses, and launched free courses in one day. Zhou Feng revealed that more than 10 million students have participated in the free courses on Netease.
On demand side, novel coronavirus pneumonia has brought positive impetus to parents’ needs. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic was not controlled in the first quarter, and the demand for online education increased rapidly in the short term. Demand increased from the second quarter to the fourth quarter, but it gradually eased. Zhou Feng believes that Netease Youdao classes will become more and more frequent, and the expansion of the service team will also be accelerated.
On the other hand, due to the large difference in summer vacation time, Netease Youdao will stagger the opening time and go to classes every other week and two weeks. “We are more optimistic about the future of summer vacation.” Zhou Feng told Sina Technology.
Regarding the appointment of Lang Ping as the spokesperson of Netease Youdao boutique course and the open class, Zhou Feng believes that this is a marketing behavior under the premise of doing a good job in the content, which will enhance the attractiveness of Netease Youdao at the user end. “Online education will become a content LED industry, similar to games, movies, publishing, etc.” Zhou Feng said that content becomes the core of online education, while famous teachers become the core of content. The measures taken by Netease Youdao are to strengthen the recruitment of experienced teachers on the one hand, and cultivate young teachers on their own platform on the other hand.
“Only after the content is done well, and then spend money to marketing, can users stay. First do marketing, the content is not good, users come and then leave, money will be wasted. ” Zhou Feng told Sina technology that some online education platforms larger than Netease Youdao may have a more complete curriculum system, but secondary school courses are the characteristics of Netease Youdao, so it is very important for Netease Youdao to highlight its own characteristics. According to Zhou Feng, “teachers, content and teaching forms like interactive large classes will ultimately determine the competitive situation.”
Under the epidemic situation, online education has become a tuyere industry. At the same time, China concept stocks of online education have also become the focus of short selling in 2020, especially who to learn from. In 2020, they will encounter shorting for three times. In this regard, Zhou Feng said that the great advantage of market mechanism or rule-based market mechanism is that the more the truth is, the clearer the truth will be. New listed companies may also have a process of exploration. However, for companies that have dealt with the capital market for a long time, the requirements of the capital market and the rules of the regulatory authorities are clear.
Zhou Feng told Sina technology that it is common sense to operate in good faith and put internal control in place. “Netease has been on the market for 20 years, but Netease was also punished by the SEC at the beginning, making mistakes.” Zhou Feng said that Netease Youdao also adheres to the management principles of Netease, and has made great efforts in the internal management. “We hope that the online education industry, the education companies listed in the United States and listed in Hong Kong, can become an example in regulating business operations.”