Cloud travel from direct seeding to overgrown weeds


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Source: understand notes (ID: Dongdong_ note)
During the epidemic, “cloud tourism” became popular on the Internet. This is not a new thing. After all, all kinds of tourism KOL have already poured bowls and bowls of chicken soup to users in the form of microblog and live broadcast.
As for cloud tourism, as a product driven by the epidemic situation, it has become a fashion with the support of traffic and platform after the social sharing of this minority tourism has become a self-help and innovation of the tourism industry in the post epidemic era.
Not only did Kwai Tai, such as Ctrip, flying pigs, Hornets nest, rub up and build up a “cloud tourism” live platform, but also had a voice and quick hand cloud live broadcast push, and even thousands of tourist attractions opened online tour services. Tour guides everywhere in the slow recovery of the situation, have also been involved in the cloud tour of online cloud interpretation. Tiktok, a group of tourists, has been involved in the development of cloud tourism. The tour guides have been involved in the development of cloud tourism in the past. The tour guides have been involved in the online cloud tour in the past. The tour guides have been involved in the online cloud tour. The tour guides have been launched on the Internet. The tour guides have been on tour for the thousands of tourist attractions. The tour guides in the region have been involved in the cloud tourism of the online games after the slow recovery.
However, just sharing, introducing and attracting people’s attention seems to have made the major platforms and many participants feel “not enough to quench their thirst”. As a result, some new ideas and ideas are constantly emerging. Especially with the arrival of 618, cloud tourism has finally become more and more unpleasant
Users are willing to “plant grass first, then travel”
After deciding to travel to a place, except for a small number of people who want to take a walk and go trip, most tourists will seriously formulate travel strategies, from transportation, accommodation, scenic spot time arrangement, to local food clock in and local characteristics experience. In fact, it is a “cloud tourism” in mind.
Cloud tourism initially only existed on the official website of tourist attractions or the information platform of Ota, and introduced the scenic spots and surrounding features in the form of pictures and texts. With the rise of content marketing, a tourism diary and cultural tourism variety show, with the help of Internet and TV media, has developed a service platform for content planning, trading and consumption based on the concept of “scenery comes before people arrive”.
With the combination of cloud tourism and live broadcast mode, the driving effect of content on physical consumption has been greatly improved. Some high-quality cloud tourism live broadcast not only gathers traffic, but also stimulates people’s desire for tourism products.
“In the past, I used to check information on the Internet and do enough homework before traveling. Later, after the popularity of travel diaries, I could have a good idea of some important scenery and special areas. With the rise of live broadcasting, you can basically determine whether this place is my dish by watching it several times. I think the greatest value of cloud tourism is not to discover the beautiful scenery, but to reduce the probability of being deceived. ”
Xiao Mo, who is keen on tourism, tells me that she has always enjoyed the convenience brought by cloud tourism. After the popularity of cloud tourism live broadcast this year, this upgraded version of “planting grass first, then traveling” has saved her a lot of trouble in choosing scenic spots.
The live broadcast content of tourism KOL mainly presents the natural scenery that is rarely visited, and the life and mental journey of the anchor. The direct broadcast content of cloud tourism is more mature or well-equipped scenic spots and tourist attractions, and the content is also more detailed introduction of scenic spots and various travel tips. Cloud tourism has become an important reference for users to carry out free travel and group tour.
On platforms such as Ctrip and wasp nest, cloud tourism live broadcast covers hundreds of destinations and scenic spots at home and abroad, including route recommendation, travel necessities, scenic spot explanation, photo taking strategies, etc., which seems to present the travel diary live.
Cloud tourism products open up online and offline channels
Cloud tourism in the form of live broadcast can not only meet the needs of mass live culture, relieve the pressure brought by the epidemic situation, but also play a role in preheating the recovery of tourism industry.
After the outbreak of the epidemic, scenic spots across the country were temporarily closed. Although it was effective in epidemic prevention and control, it also brought the hotel, catering and transportation industries around the tourism industry into stagnation. It is not easy for the small and medium-sized tourism enterprises to survive under the epidemic situation. Even though the scenic spots have been opened one after another, their willingness to travel is not strong.
According to the statistics of the Ministry of culture and tourism, during the May Day holiday, the domestic tourism revenue was 47.56 billion yuan, down 63% year-on-year, and the Dragon Boat Festival holiday was 12.28 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 68.8%. The China Business Industry Research Institute predicts that the tourism income will decrease by 1 trillion yuan in 2020.
The offline tourism industry is still in a semi thawing state, and many practitioners who are forced to rest begin to look for a way out through the online.
Li Xin, manager of Huafeng CITS, said that they have opened multiple live broadcasting platforms for the company’s tour guides. No matter whether it is through user rewards or live delivery of goods, the company does not extract any commission, and it should be a test for cloud tourism.
Tiktok Kwai started what we did at the beginning of the platform, such as jitter and fast hand. But because there was no drainage, the direct broadcast effect was very common. Later, we went to Ctrip and Ma beehive, which were very effective. Because many people on these platforms had tourism needs, we even promoted several family groups under the line.
Understand notes to see that in many forms of cloud tourism, two kinds of ways can attract users’ participation and attention. One is the live broadcast of online scenic spots. The anchor will lead users to visit the scenic spots and explain the whole process, which will arouse many users’ enthusiasm for offline tourism while meeting the online tourism addiction.
The other is pure scenery live broadcast, with sunset live broadcast being the most popular. The anchor has a fixed seat to broadcast the beautiful sunset scenery, chatting with netizens about their daily life. Most of the time, they listen to the voice of nature from the video. In the end, this kind of live broadcast often leads to the booking of scenic spots and the purchase of local specialties, so as to generate income for the anchor.
Combined with live broadcast and anchor’s explanation, cloud tourism, which can carry goods on site, is gradually integrated into an online and offline integrated product, breaking through the traditional travel site and time constraints, and bringing real tourism scene experience to users. Cloud tourism plays an auxiliary role in the travel planning before the tour, and even can meet the regrets and deficiencies after the tour.
Understand notes have been climbing Mount Tai twice, the heart of Mount Tai Jinding due to weather reasons failed to make the trip. This is a regret that is hard to reconcile. On the contrary, through a live cloud tour, you can enjoy the complete Golden Summit of Mount Tai: under the beautiful scenery without PS, I have also strengthened my determination to climb Mount Tai three times.

Cloud tourism has become an important tourism marketing scene during the epidemic period. Many scenic spots also seize this opportunity to strengthen the accumulation of online traffic resources, attract anchors to the scenic spots through policies, and establish official accounts on some cloud tourism platforms.
In the past, for the protection of exhibits, museums prohibited taking photos and taking photos. Nowadays, more and more museums begin to live the exhibition online, and even some museums open “Museum wonderful night” activities to present different tourism experiences through night live broadcast.
A netizen who likes to watch cloud tourism tells him that he can’t work well during the epidemic period, and the life of the two-point front-line has depressed people. However, he has become an important way of life leisure and pressure reduction to watch the live broadcast of tourism every day and brush funny short videos at night.
With the introduction of huge traffic and the attention of users, the attitude of both tourism destinations and tourism practitioners towards cloud tourism has changed from a cold eye in the past to favor. In the final analysis, it is the improvement of potential users and income brought by channel opening.
A few years ago, museums such as the Palace Museum and the Museum of terracotta warriors and horses of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty launched a series of voice guided tours and VR exhibitions. However, this service form of cloud tourism lacks interaction and communication, and is only a kind of tourism tool with few users.
Different from the high-cost production of cultural tourism variety shows, a good chat anchor and a mobile phone can connect the offline tourism culture and online tourism consumption, so that the scenic spot can be exposed and potential tourists, the anchor can get live income and goods, and users can enjoy the free tourism scenery. All three parties can find a comfortable area to meet their own needs.
Over carrying goods has changed the flavor of cloud tourism
As a new product of this year, live cloud tourism has attracted millions of fans. However, after a “618” event, cloud tourism suddenly changed its flavor, and the proportion of live with goods in cloud tourism increased sharply.
Born in Ali travel, Feizhu has long smelled the wind of cloud tourism and launched its own live travel platform. Almost every anchor has opened Taobao live broadcast, even Taobao and Feizhu. However, some anchors are not so much travel live as live with goods. From local specialties to Taobao shop promotion, it can be said that everything can bring goods. Even the official number of the flying pig directly called out the tour group special offer.
And the cloud tourism live broadcast on Ma beehive has gradually changed from the local beauty to the local B & B promotion. The low-end method is that the anchor chats and chats live around a certain B & B without dead ends; at the high-end, the anchor asks a beautiful woman to pretend to be a tourist to enjoy life leisurely in the B & B, and benefit the users from the comfort of B & B.
Cloud tourism is an online marketing method based on offline, which is naturally and inevitably connected with live delivery. However, knowing notes believes that users who choose cloud tourism will put tourism information and scenery appreciation first, rather than looking for tourist souvenirs, local specialties and ordering tourism products. The latter three can be presented in cloud tourism, but can not occupy the core theme.
For many users, what they want is not simple scenery video, but through real-time interaction with distant anchor, listening to their explanation and suggestions on local tourism, so as to obtain a more pleasant experience when they go to play, or contact with entertainment projects that have not been introduced through the first perspective.
However, the excessive marketing and live delivery of goods have destroyed users’ interest in tourism, turning cloud tourism into “cloud shopping”. The reason why users pay for it is no longer out of expectation of tourism, but all kinds of discount promotion and impulse consumption.
Although the epidemic situation has made it difficult for the tourism industry to survive, the cloud tourism marketing, which deviates from the nature of tourism, can obtain income and attention for a time, but eventually it will lose core users. In particular, some anchors have begun to sell silk from Hangzhou scenic area and jadeite from Yunnan scenic area, and have moved the bad habits of offline shopping malls to online.
At present, the popularity of cloud tourism is the drainage caused by the epidemic situation which hinders the travel and the live dividend. Whether cloud tourism can become a rigid demand and occupy the minds of tourism users is still a phenomenon to be observed. Compared with the production standard and mature operation of tourism grass diary, cloud tourism is full of too much useless information and wrong information. Without platform constraints, weeds will inevitably grow in the wild growth.
Before the popular food anchor, although the end will lead users to the store or buy products, but most of the time, the anchor is happy to eat, the user is also happy to swallow, and in order to be able to eat delicious food in person and look forward to.
Now, some cloud tourism gradually omit the process of “eating”, jump directly to the purchase link, and apply the mode of live delivery with goods, and promote tourism and feelings to users as a kind of commodity. If you want to buy something, just go to Taobao live or Jingdong live, why go to watch cloud travel live?
Although with the help of “618” promotion, many anchors have realized the content of cloud tourism, and many businesses and scenic spots have seen the commercial value of cloud tourism. However, different from the goal of promoting consumption by e-commerce platform, the foundation of cloud tourism is to arouse users’ desire for tourism.
It’s just that in the boom of live broadcasting with goods, many anchors obviously forget this important premise. Understand notes that the voice and influence of cloud tourism on the Dragon Boat Festival is much weaker than that of May Day, which is closely related to the recovery of offline tourism and the decline of the quality of cloud tourism live broadcast.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)