Musk will attend the world artificial intelligence conference 2020 Online


Who will attend the 2020 world artificial intelligence conference, the first cloud summit this year? At the “2020 Shanghai People’s livelihood interview” held today, Wu Jincheng, director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, revealed that Tesla CEO musk will attend the meeting online this year. This is also the second time that musk and Ma Yun attended the world artificial intelligence conference after the “dialogue between two horses” was staged at the opening ceremony last year.
With the theme of “Zhilian world, common home” as the theme, 2020 world artificial intelligence cloud summit breaks through the geographical restrictions of “face-to-face” and realizes “screen-to-screen” interactive communication. By using the latest technologies such as 5g and VR / AR, it creates a 360 degree panoramic space and a new immersion video mode of “cloud + end + Network + screen”, and strives to form the effect of “one hundred stations broadcasting, one thousand networks developing and one hundred million people watching together”.
According to reports, more than 50 activities of this year’s cloud summit are all open and online, except for a few closed door meetings. After the opening of the conference on the morning of July 9, the audience can watch live and on-demand reviews online. After registration, they can also make comments and participate in interaction. The essence of the conference will also be presented through the way of “3 x 24 hours live broadcast”. The Organizing Committee of the conference has set up an “online studio”, which will be broadcast continuously from July 9 to 11. It will extract the highlights of the activities of various forums, and also invite some heads of enterprises, technical celebrities and famous people to conduct guest interviews, so that everyone can synchronize with the conference “anytime, anywhere”. For example, this year, there were 7 participants in the Turing Award prize, 5 more than last year. Baidu CEO Robin Li, GREE electric chairman Dong Mingzhu, Ali cloud founder Wang Jian, and Qualcomm, SAP, AstraZeneca, Microsoft, apple, IBM, Amazon and other international leading companies confirmed the meeting. Preliminary statistics show that the first day of the conference, speakers at CEO level exceeded 30, turning over last year. Some time.
There is also a special session of this year’s conference, which specially designed four virtual image representatives of Microsoft Xiaobing, baidu Xiaodu, Xiaomi Xiaoai and station B ASAR to sing a song composed by pure artificial intelligence. The above entrance mobile phone is the general web page of the general assembly. The H5 page can be scanned by the official website of the world AI conference and WeChat official account. The H5 page has already opened the notice and the audience registration.
Due to the epidemic situation, no offline exhibition area will be set up this year. The cloud exhibition of “Ai 3D home” is a highlight of this conference. Relying on the digital cloud, the organizing committee will transform the traditional online exhibition and offline exhibition into online exhibition. Ai home has set up a “Ai pilot area” around key enterprises, covering seven scenarios, including AI + education, AI + health, AI + transportation, AI + finance, AI + industry, AI + basic technology, AI + urban management and commerce, to create an intelligent cloud platform and show the AI industry ecosystem.