Huang Zheng and the founding team donated 2.37% shares to establish Fanxing charity fund, and pinduoduo continued to improve the partnership system


According to the scientific and technological innovation board daily on the 1st, Huang Zheng released a full letter saying that pinduoduo will continue to establish and improve the partnership system, and will allocate 7.74% of the shares of pinduoduo listed company under his personal name to pinduoduo’s collective partners. In addition to some long-term basic research and social welfare exploration, to provide the company with additional long-term power and batteries, part of it can be used as a supplementary incentive for the future management. At the same time, Huang Zheng, together with the founding team, will donate about 2.37% of the company’s shares to officially establish the “Fanxing charity fund” in accordance with the commitment made at the IPO, aiming at promoting social responsibility construction and scientific research. The charitable fund is an irreversible charitable fund and managed by an independent trustee to ensure that all assets of the charity fund are used for public welfare purposes.