Facebook removes accounts related to the extreme right extremist movement Boogaloo


Sina science and technology news, Beijing time on July 1 morning news, Facebook announced on Tuesday that the company has deleted the account, group and page network related to the extreme right extremist movement “Boogaloo”.
Facebook deleted the network for violating the dangerous individuals and organizations policy, which prohibits “any organization or individual that declares a violent mission or engages in violent activities on the Facebook platform.”.
“Boogaloo” refers to extremists based in the United States who advocate violent uprisings and want the United States to start a second civil war.
“As long as violent movements operate in the real world, they will seek to use digital platforms.” Facebook said in a blog post. “We are stepping up our efforts to crack down on this network, and there is more to be done in the future.”
In addition, we deleted 200 “boo” and “200 facebook” pages, as well as 200 “facebook” and “facebook” pages.
As Facebook removed the network, dozens of companies have suspended advertising on their social networks to protest the persistence of hate speech and misinformation on Facebook’s platform. Many companies, such as Coca Cola, Starbucks and Volkswagen, are involved in the boycott. (Tang Feng)