Due to the failure to disclose the annual report on time, Shenzhou Youche was suspended from July 1


Sina science and technology news on the morning of July 1, on the evening of June 30, Shenzhou Youche announced that according to relevant regulations, due to the company’s failure to disclose the annual report in 2019 on time, the company’s shares will be suspended by the national small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system Co., Ltd. from July 1.
According to the announcement, the company and its subsidiaries mainly work in Beijing and Xiamen. Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic, the two regions have implemented different degrees of control measures for local and foreign personnel. The resumption time of the company and its subsidiaries were delayed to varying degrees, which led to the failure of the original audit project team to go to the site to carry out the audit work in 2019 on schedule, and the actual implementation time of the audit work in 2019 was greatly delayed compared with the original plan.
Shenzhou Youche said that as of the announcement disclosure date, the company’s audit work is still in progress. The company is actively providing the relevant information required for the audit, making every effort to cooperate and support the work, and strive to complete the audit and annual report preparation work of the company in 2019 as soon as possible. The company expects to disclose its 2019 annual report before July 31, 2020.
Affected by the lucky coffee incident, lucky coffee Chairman Lu Zhengyao and related Shenzhou listed companies have been asked many times before.
On April 10, Shenzhou Youche said in its reply to the inquiry letter that the Youche industry fund subscribed by the company had not invested in Ruixing coffee. The company and lucky coffee are two independent companies. At the business level, the incident had no direct impact on the business activities of the company and its holding subsidiaries, and all businesses were in normal operation.
On June 10, Shenzhou Youche announced that 270 million shares held by the shareholder Lu Zhengyao were frozen by the first intermediate people’s Court of Beijing, accounting for 10.05% of the company’s total share capital. Including the frozen shares, if all the frozen shares are exercised, the controlling shareholder or actual controller of the company may change.
On June 10, it was announced that Lu Zhengyao had resigned from the position of chairman of the board of directors and non-executive director of the company in order to devote more time to the performance of duties and other business of Shenzhou Youche.