Trump’s increased investment in Facebook advertising, which is being boycotted by manufacturers


Sina science and technology news on the morning of June 30, Beijing time, as current US President trump fell behind Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a number of important national polls, his team increased campaign advertising investment on Facebook platform.
According to Facebook’s ad library, trump spent more than $2.2 million on Facebook advertising between June 21 and June 27. Compared with $1.26 million between June 14 and June 20 and $1.48 million in the previous week, this figure has increased significantly,
By contrast, Biden spent just over $1.5 million on Facebook from June 21 to June 27.
Trump’s move comes as Biden leads in a number of polls.
But in June, trump spent nearly $6.6 million on Facebook advertising, behind Biden’s $11 million. Earlier this month, Biden increased advertising spending when trump was criticized for his handling of racist protests.
While trump has increased its advertising investment on Facebook, many famous brands have suspended advertising on the platform. All of the advertisers decided to suspend their advertising in July, possibly extending it, in protest against the company’s connivance in hate speech and false information. Many big companies, including Verizon, Coca Cola and Starbucks, are involved. (Ding Hong)