Survival and growth: the live broadcast methodology of small and medium sized enterprises


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By LV Yue
Source: deep echo
When the anti epidemic has become the “new normal”, as the most important role of economic vitality, how to get rid of the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises and even how to dance with the difficulties has become an unavoidable problem.
On the one hand, production is stagnant and sales are blocked, and the plans of small and medium-sized enterprises are disrupted; on the other hand, the “congenital” deficiency of financing ability, supply chain control and anti risk ability also makes it difficult for them to return to the normal turnover state quickly.
“Spending departments” bear the brunt, and the marketing budget is bound to shrink. But paradoxically, historical experience tells us that the more severe the moment is, the greater the burden will be. If the operation is done properly and the conversion rate is improved, the miracle of small and broad will often happen at this moment.
From the practice of the past half a year, the short chain status of live delivery with “what you see is what you get” is the inevitable choice to maximize the transformation effect. However, this excitement does not belong to everyone. When star idols enter the bureau one after another, the huge “pit fee” is no longer affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises; when the CEO enters the Bureau and constantly refreshes the record of carrying goods, the higher and higher sales figures have become the focus of public opinion.
I don’t know when, the live broadcast with goods has split the complete context of “content precipitation, live broadcast transformation, and formation of stickiness”, and has become an impulsive game of one knife harvest. Small and medium-sized enterprises, which are lack of capital accumulation, are hard to find dividends under such impetuous background.
All things can be broadcast live, but how to use the content effect of short video and live broadcast, with the optimal input-output ratio outline conversion efficiency, really solve the marketing and sales pain points of small and medium-sized enterprises, may be the problem to be discussed in the era of live delivery 2.0.
Live broadcasting is not “omnipotent”
The popularity of live broadcasting with goods lies in the reconstruction of people, goods and fields with the help of the flow matrix, content ecology and data system of the platform. The anchors and stars approach the users’ inner needs with the tone of “personal recommendation” and “minimum discount”. The live broadcasting room has formed a “limited time special sale” which can interact with users in real time, and the ability of “goods” is on the same level with e-commerce Taiwan’s cooperation and the arrival of more businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises, have made up for this.
The dilemma of small and medium-sized enterprises seems to have been solved in the live broadcast with goods, but it is worth noting that not all the live broadcast methods are suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.
At present, looking for the head anchor and star live broadcast with goods is the best way to play for the brand, but this kind of play is actually expensive.
In the live broadcast, the cost that the brand needs to pay includes pit fee, anchor Commission and gift expense. If you calculate carefully, there are also the investment and operation cost of buying resource bits. The higher the popularity of the anchor, the higher the pit fee and the anchor Commission will be. According to public information, Li Jiaqi’s pit fee is about 230000-420000.
It’s even more expensive to find a spokesperson for goods. Obviously, this kind of high budget game is not something that small and medium-sized enterprises can play.
In addition, there are other pain points in the live broadcast of SMEs.
From the current type of live broadcast with goods, brand merchants can usually choose two ways: one is “large collection” live broadcast with more than ten kinds of products and brand special live broadcast.
Due to the low popularity of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult for their products to stand out and impress users when more than ten brands of products appear simultaneously. However, if it is a direct live broadcast of the brand itself, there is no well-known anchor or star, and the brand itself is not well-known, it is very likely that users will not stay in the live broadcast room for a long time, even it is difficult to find products Brand live broadcast, so that the brand marketing transformation will be less.
At the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises have the characteristics of small scale and small capital, which require them to obtain customers faster and lower cost through a series of online new ways, so as to realize “small and broad”. On the platform of both live broadcast and short video, small and medium-sized enterprises can not directly rely on the “self carriers” such as head anchors and stars, so they need to attract traffic and retain fans with “content”. How to set style, content, even “people set” for their own brand, and how to do well in content operation have become the knowledge points urgently needed by enterprises.
To retain users with content is actually the process of building brand private domain traffic pool.
For enterprises, the control of private domain traffic is in their own hands. Compared with relying only on live broadcasting to amplify the voice and gain attention, the precipitation of private domain people needs more other content to “cooperate” with the live broadcast, so as to help the brand of the enterprise complete the whole process from drainage to transformation, then to retention and repurchase, so as to make the path of activating private domain traffic more perfect and more efficient Economic flow conversion.
But obviously, for the small and medium-sized enterprises without much marketing experience and methodology, “how to build a private domain traffic pool” also needs more time to explore.
Different growth methodology
From theory to practice, in many small and medium-sized enterprises that develop online business, some cases may bring inspiration.
In the case of VOA silk, it achieved significant growth during the epidemic period.
In January, VOA silk, which has accumulated two years’ tiktok experience, predicted that the Spring Festival holiday is a time of “more traffic but less content”. If you have enough reserves for your account, you can seize this opportunity.
Thanks to the layout of the content in advance, VOA silk did not panic in the epidemic, and the more than 60 short video content prepared in advance enabled them to maintain daily shift.
Tiktok’s content is exported, and in addition to the timely opening of the blue V certification of the tiktok enterprise and the vigorous launch of the vibro store, VOA silk attracted about 1000000 fans during the Spring Festival. Subsequently, in the 515 ace live studio event in May this year, the daily sales of VOA silk industry exceeded one million.
During the tiktok Festival, VOA fully mobilized professional anchors trained in the half year to shake the voice, and the results were obvious through short video streaming and direct seeding in in.
Like VOA silk, the chair of the recreation massage also participated in the TikTok festival of in, and effectively enhanced the brand awareness and sales volume by shaking.

Le’erkang massage chair is a brand that has continuously stepped on the two development nodes of e-commerce and short video. Taobao once helped it to complete the accumulation of original capital, and gradually grew from a small e-commerce brand looking for substitute processing to an enterprise with its own production line. Since August last year, leoerkang has chosen to carry out marketing by means of short video and launch short video advertising through massive engines. So far, tiktok has achieved nearly 100 million yuan in trading volume, and the number of display products on the shaking platform has been broken by 100 million.
The achievements of VOA silk and le’erkang massage are very difficult to achieve quickly in the traditional marketing environment.
In the initial stage, the user will lose interest in the purchase process, because each user will lose interest in the purchase process. Because this marketing path is too long, enterprises must control and improve the efficiency of each link in the marketing process, in order to obtain a higher transformation. At the same time, because most of the traditional marketing methods of small and medium-sized enterprises are advertising, users need to actively search to see the products, which makes the marketing path lengthen again.
However, in the context of short video + live broadcast, the content distribution mechanism of the platform makes the marketing transformation into a network structure, adding more nodes that reach users and complete the transformation. Short video content makes marketing become a WYSIWYG “good thing sharing”, and the user acceptance is higher. After the short video content has won certain influence and popularity for the brand, the addition of live broadcast enables brand merchants to realize the whole link from marketing to sales on the same platform, which helps small and medium-sized enterprises to go through a more smooth path of success.
When the enterprise has completed a transformation in the live broadcasting room, in fact, the construction of refined operation and private marketing position has just begun. Because the single performance of one million does not equal to continuous growth, the realization of increment needs to continuously reduce the return rate and improve the repurchase rate, which requires the construction of private domain traffic pool.
Hongling cashmere is a typical case of using private traffic to obtain higher conversion and repurchase rate.
Tiktok has started to create short video content on cashmere knowledge and wear tiktok from 2018. After two years of operation, the current account of the 525 thousand cashmere cashmere cashmere has already had over more than 300 fans. Meanwhile, the Hong Ling cashmere has also started broadcasting live goods at the beginning of this year. Now, sales tiktok has exceeded 15 million yuan, accounting for more than 60% of the annual revenue.
Only the tiktok platform supports more than 50% of the business of a small and medium-sized enterprise. The volume of traffic generated by the huge volume of traffic is remarkable. For many small and medium enterprises, brand popularity and sales growth are speeding up because of the platform’s own voice. The marketing and sales of the platform represented by the trembling sound is tiktok’s shoulders.
Multiple opportunities to be seen
Enterprises rely on platforms to achieve rapid growth. Platforms rely on enterprises to prosper ecology and attract traffic, and then give the flow to enterprises, thus forming a positive cycle of mutual benefit and mutual achievement between platforms and enterprises.
At the moment when platforms in many fields have entered the Bureau and brought goods for live broadcast, a series of shopping festivals and marketing festivals created and promoted by the platform must be increasing exposure and diversion, constantly introducing new games and giving new benefits, which are also new opportunities for more small and medium-sized enterprises.
Shaking in all things Festival is a huge engine of marketing service brand under bytecomb. It opened the first live shopping carnival for small and medium-sized enterprises, attracting nearly 100 merchants to participate.
Tiktok tiktok, which was the main entrance of the “in festival”, was the main entrance from June 22nd to June 28th. The huge number of engines also subsidized the four largest venues in the official broadcasting rooms and the activities of the event. The subsidy was launched at the level of million traffic. In addition, the challenge of “shaking in all day” was launched to further expand the influence in the quiver. “The Banner” is also a popular challenge.
In particular, tiktok is not only a hard and broad resource for getting information and opening up in the sound station, but also covers the subway, core business circle, building TV, electronic large screen and wall advertisement in dozens of cities such as Beijing, Qingdao, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Thousands of large screens appearing in many scenes below the city line also increase the exposure.
Tiktok also invited master Christy Chung, Zhang Lunshuo, Huang Shengyi, Li Weijia, coat brother Zhu Zhiwen and other stars to make the activity more sound. The high voltage fire, Chen Sanfei GG, Han Meijuan and so on shook the head to help the small and medium-sized enterprises to carry live goods. The tiktok and master brand fans will directly import the fans and celebrities fans into the products, directly stimulating the brand influence and the growth of the product sales volume.
Tiktok is known to have a total exposure of 1 billion 300 million + in the whole network, with 110 million of the volume of the topic being raised, and 16 million 500 thousand of the total number of stars and master live broadcasts.
In addition to tiktok and live selling, the event also provides a marketing course for SMEs with little marketing experience, explaining marketing practices, and having tens of millions of fans and their founders about their entrepreneurial experience. The newly established SMEs can master the rules and games of the platform directly and gain from this series of live courses. Successful experience and growth methodology from other enterprises.
In fact, there are many opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to “be seen better” in addition to the “shaking in all things Festival”.
Before this event, there were already many support schemes for small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the tiktok platform.
In March this year, a large number of engines launched the “small and medium-sized enterprise recovery plan”, which accurately supports small and medium-sized enterprises by means of customers’ recharge and obtaining grants, free and open use of some products, flow support and talent recruitment support.
In May, the “public good” headlines “live on the top” live with goods to promote public interest activities in the shaking platform opened, through live + business mode to help local agricultural enterprises tiktok, breaking the bottleneck of regional development.
In June, the enterprise launched the special activity of “online not closing, enterprise live broadcast”, upgrading the tiktok privilege of small business enterprises, and supporting and draining and transforming with 500 million traffic support.

In addition to the support plan carried out in a specific period of time, the massive engine is also upgrading the marketing platform and optimizing the marketing service to become more “normalized”, so as to meet the demands of enterprises for more direct and efficient marketing transformation.
For example, massive engine has proposed the concept of “full connection”, which connects users, content and scenes through technological innovation, data management and other means. Even with the launch of common hard and broad products such as open screen and information flow, it can achieve targeted delivery, accurately target high-end users, and realize clue retention and customer follow-up. At the same time, the massive engine has also been optimized in the form of advertising, such as enriching the open screen advertising style to emphasize the more pure visual effect, increasing the interactive playing method to strengthen the user experience of advertising products, so as to improve the conversion efficiency.
For small and medium-sized enterprises, the budget is limited, time is limited, efficiency is always in the first place, survival and growth are imminent.
However, although live broadcasting with goods is in full swing, small and medium-sized enterprises are not suitable to directly jump into a live broadcast of dozens of minutes to chase the limited transaction volume. The short video live broadcast combination boxing of “planting grass in short video – pulling grass in live broadcast – building fans’ operation circle in private area” may be the growth methodology suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.
After all, anchors and stars can be replaced on the spot, but enterprises need to continue to operate. Small and medium-sized enterprises need to be “saved”, seen and recognized in a lower threshold, more cost-effective and “step-by-step” method. In order to achieve these, both inside and outside the live broadcasting room will be an indispensable stage.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)