“Special talent” Li Jiaqi settled in Shanghai?


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By Wang Shiqi
Source: Tianxia e-commerce (ID: txws_ txws)
Reward 5 million, house purchase subsidies of 2 million, and grab live e-commerce talents from all over the country.
Ten days after the suspension of broadcasting due to illness, Li Jiaqi came back, and the news that “Li Jiaqi settled in Shanghai with special talents” rushed to hot search. A few months ago, there were also rumors that he bought a luxury house in Shanghai. This 92 year old Hunan carica, relying on the live broadcast, only took three years to gain a firm foothold in modu.
Li Jiaqi settled in Shanghai with special talents
Not only Li Jiaqi, but also the anchor, is becoming the talent that all over the country are fighting for. According to incomplete statistics, at least 11 cities across the country have issued special support policies for live e-commerce.
Photo source: Taobao
In Yuhang, Hangzhou, live e-commerce talents can enjoy the national leading talent preferential policy at the highest level, which is equivalent to the candidates of the national “thousand talents plan” and the experts who enjoy special government subsidies approved by the State Council. According to the latest policy of Hangzhou, the state-level leading talents can enjoy a subsidy of 2 million for purchasing houses.
In Huadu, Guangzhou, online celebrities who meet the requirements can be rewarded with a maximum of 500000 yuan to buy a house, and they can also enjoy preferential policies such as entering a home and enrolling their children.
Why can live e-commerce people change from unknown new jobs to “national leading talents” in just a few years? What is the ambition of each city behind the frequent policy?
All talents!
In the policy of Shanghai talent introduction and settlement in 2020, the requirements are clearly listed. For example, doctoral degree or provincial and ministerial level and above government award personnel, national major science and technology project leader, etc.
The so-called special talents, that is, they may not meet the above threshold of talent identification, but the local shortage of talents with special talents can also settle in Shanghai.
According to the announcement list of the first batch of special talents in 2020 released by Chongming District of Shanghai, Li Jiaqi ranks first, and the other five are legal persons and executives of construction, environmental protection, agriculture and other enterprises. The registered capital of his company ranges from 9 million to 180 million, while the registered capital of Li Jiaqi’s Shanghai Qisheng Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is only 1 million.
In other words, Li Jiaqi is the only one of the special talents in the non entity industry.
Although the volume is small, but Li Jiaqi’s strength is very strong. According to the enterprise investigation, there are at least 10 companies in which he directly or indirectly invests. Li Jiaqi’s monthly income has already exceeded one million yuan.
Li Jiaqi’s company
Li Jiaqi became a “special talent”. Because of her outstanding contribution to agriculture and poverty alleviation, Weiya was selected as the supplementary standing committee member of the Yunnan Youth League and the Promotion Ambassador of Yunnan Communist Youth League.
Weiya in Yunnan
Two or three years ago, a lot of people didn’t look up to the anchor profession. For Li Jiaqi and Weiya, this affirmation is the “rectification” of their social status.
“This is the government’s investment in us”
Many places have issued support policies, and many MCN institutions soon feel the spring breeze.
Within the mosquito Association of MCN in Hangzhou, several teams have met and discussed several times to study how to apply for subsidies and identify talents.
According to the policy of Yuhang District of Hangzhou, if MCN agency exclusively signs a contract with an annual sales volume of more than 500 million yuan, it can get a reward of 5 million yuan after contact confirmation; the anchor can apply for different talent identification, and enjoy the convenience of house purchase subsidy and children’s enrollment.
Wang Junhua, chairman of Wantong Group, founder and chairman of the mosquito Association, said that the annual carrying amount of its head anchor “fashion meimeita” is about 800 million yuan. This article alone can help mosquitoes get a reward of 5 million yuan, and the anchor can also apply for talent identification.
“Fashion” in live broadcast
Previously, this MCN organization has also received rent subsidies, e-commerce activities subsidies, online celebrity incubation subsidies, etc., but all of them are small skirmishes. This time, it’s a big deal.
What do you do when you get the money? Wang Junhua said that instead of paying money directly, we should consider how to strengthen the team, enrich the forms of commercial realization and extend the life cycle of the anchor. “This money (subsidy) is the government’s investment in us.”
Introducing an anchor is equivalent to introducing a shopping center
Why can live e-commerce talents be rated as national talents?
This is because the live e-commerce has gone through the early stage of rashness and began to develop vertically and professionally. In the view of many industry insiders, in the past, live broadcasting was the “family workshop” of the whole family. Now, what we are fighting for is fine operation and team strength.
Therefore, as professionals, live e-commerce practitioners, like scholars and entrepreneurs, have the opportunity to participate in the national talent assessment.
Especially now, affected by the epidemic situation, a large number of offline entity businesses are pouring into the live broadcasting room, and live e-commerce has played a huge role in stimulating and invigorating the local economy.
Guangzhou live broadcast Festival
For example, the number of offline people has dropped sharply, and many professional markets have a hard time. In the first live broadcast festival held in Guangzhou in early June, the total transaction volume of nearly 30 event venues in the professional market exceeded 120 million in three days.
In terms of boosting the economy, live broadcasting is a typical “four or two dial a thousand catties”, which drives big sales with low cost. Only a mobile phone screen, a few lights, a small team, can sell goods.
The head anchors such as Weiya and Li Jiaqi have an average of 10 million fans at the end of each live broadcast, and the daily sales of goods are often tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. One person supports a group of supply chain factories behind them. For a city, introducing such an anchor is equivalent to introducing one or even several super shopping centers.
In the live e-commerce industry, the anchor is very important. Because live broadcasting relies on fans, while fans rely on IP and personality. Anchors with distinct personality and matching human and goods attributes have higher fans stickiness and higher commercial conversion rate.
However, with the strengthening of the professionalism of the industry, live e-commerce talents will be more and more diversified.

Many live broadcast service providers and organizations, including all over the world, have added many new posts this year, such as content planning, data analyst, etc. Content planning is mainly responsible for live script. Many of them have working experience of famous advertising companies 4A and Ogilvy. Data analysts need to find rules to improve sales through watching, retaining, transforming and other data.
The person in charge of the live broadcast team of Tianxia online business said that the team size has doubled this year, and the core personnel are from such enterprises as Han, xiaohongshu and clothing supply chain. They either bring their own resources or are proficient in content operation.
Who is the first live city?
From the perspective of urban competition, to retain key talents in key industries will provide the foundation and foundation to challenge the strong in the future. The live broadcast with extra code is the future of adding code.
According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, 11 places, including Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou, have successively launched supportive policies, each of which has its own talent in developing the live broadcasting industry.
According to the “2020 Taobao live new economic report”, as of February this year, Shanghai has the largest number of users of Taobao live broadcasting, while Hangzhou has the largest number of Taobao anchors, accounting for about 10% of the total. During the period of tmall 618, Guangzhou surpassed Hangzhou and became the city with the highest enthusiasm for live broadcasting.
In addition, small commodities from Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, performance clothes from Heze, Shandong Province, and sports shoes from Quanzhou, Fujian Province Their industrial belts are the strength of global invisible champions, and have laid a good foundation for e-commerce.
As the birthplace of Taobao live broadcasting, Hangzhou is undoubtedly the first city of live e-commerce, but now, many cities directly challenge it.
One of the most powerful competitors is Guangzhou. Since this year, it has made great efforts to develop live broadcasting. In addition to the competition among cities, Yuhang District of Hangzhou and Huadu District of Guangzhou even began to compete for the first live broadcast area.
In the view of MCN, the key to the development of live broadcasting industry is the local industry supporting.
Nash was originally established in Guangzhou, and moved its headquarters to Hangzhou in 2017. It is precisely because of its e-commerce atmosphere and supply chain that Nash takes a fancy to. But Nash also set up a branch in Guangzhou, mainly engaged in beauty categories, because Guangzhou has the most powerful beauty industry resources.
Many MCN mechanisms are multi location. The morning gathering organization, which specializes in the direct broadcast of clothing at the entrance of the market, has also set up a branch in Guangzhou and has undertaken many businesses of 13 branches of Guangzhou’s largest clothing wholesale market.
However, Wang Junhua said that no city can match Hangzhou in terms of people, goods and facilities needed by live e-commerce. The clothing industry chain includes Changshu, Haining and Jiubao. E-commerce infrastructure, not to mention Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai parcel post area, has low cost and high efficiency of express delivery. “For example, samples can be sent today, arrive tomorrow, and broadcast in the evening The matching items can’t be caught up in a day or two. ”
Several heads of MCN agencies said that Hangzhou has evolved to live 2.0, while Guangzhou has just started from live 1.0, striving to catch up.
Not only Guangzhou, but also Beijing and Shanghai are also making efforts, and Chongqing, a famous city in the Internet, is not willing to fall behind. Who is the future city of live e-commerce? The war has just begun.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)