Huawei Guoping: 5g accelerates the digital transformation of the whole society in the post epidemic Era


Sina science and technology news on the evening of June 30, at today’s GSMA conference, Guo Ping, chairman of Huawei’s rotating chairman, delivered a keynote speech entitled “post epidemic era, 5g take-off, accelerate digital transformation”, elaborated the social value of ICT technology against the new epidemic situation, and introduced the application practice and future prospects of 5g in the digital transformation of the industry.
Guo Ping said that under the drive of 5g, the digitization process of Qianxing Baiye has been greatly accelerated. The next step of Huawei’s work is to focus on industry applications together with its partners to help Huawei’s 5g customers release 5g value and enjoy 5g technology dividends.
He pointed out that ICT technology has shown unprecedented social value in the process of fighting against the sudden new epidemic. All kinds of applications based on 5g, AI, cloud and big data have played a wide range of roles: online education, office and entertainment make it possible for citizens who are closed down to stay at home; remote expert linkage in shelter hospital solves the pain point of temporary medical resources; specialized applications such as temperature detection and epidemic tracking effectively help epidemic control.
Guo Ping said that Huawei will continue to firmly support open and collaborative standards and industrial organizations and strive to maintain the unity of the global communication industry. Whether in the field of medical treatment or communication, global cooperation and coordination are the foundation of all success. Only through the active participation, full consultation and inclusiveness of global manufacturers, scientific research institutions and industry associations, can we better promote the formulation of technical standards, and also be conducive to the healthy development of the global economy and industry.
He believes that the current ICT technology, like the power industry 100 years ago, will be extended to various industries on a large scale, becoming a key enabling device for social development and releasing the technological dividend of all walks of life. Today, 5g is developing rapidly, with 81 commercial networks, covering 72% of the global GDP economy, and 90 million 5g users have been developed, enabling people’s digital life. Driven by 5g, the digital process of Qianxing Baiye has been greatly accelerated. 5g has been widely and deeply applied in entertainment, business travel, medical treatment, mining, port, manufacturing and other industries, and some successful applications have begun to replicate to the whole industry scale.
For example, he said that in the mining industry, Shanxi Xinyuan coal mine has built a 5g network in a mine 534 meters underground. In the past, due to the limitation of bandwidth, hundreds of underground sensors could only be used for monitoring, but not real-time monitoring. Now the explosion-proof 5g equipment is adopted, and HD video communication can be realized on the well and underground, multi-channel high-definition video transmission at the same time, remote control of equipment and other innovative applications. In the future, the coal mine is expected to realize more innovations, such as unmanned operation of mining face and unmanned driving of transport vehicles, so as to continuously improve the efficiency of coal mines and improve the working environment of employees. “We see that there are 5300 coal mines in China alone, and there is a huge space for industrial application.”
“Huawei’s next step is to focus on industry applications and create value for the industry together with its partners. We will use our capabilities in network, cloud, AI and terminals to help Huawei 5g customers release 5g value and enjoy 5g technology dividends. ” Guo Ping finally said. (Zhang Jun)