Apple’s first 5gi phone this fall is expected to halve shipments


According to DIGITIMES, Apple’s estimate of iPhone shipments for 5g is likely to be much lower than expected.
A source familiar with Apple’s supply chain partners said suppliers were less optimistic about new 5g iPhone shipments. Apple is expected to launch 5g iPhones later this year, but its supply chain partners are not so optimistic about new device shipments.
It is reported that the 5g iPhone 12 shipment may be halved in 2020, from 30 million to 40 million units to 15 million to 20 million units. The reason may be that Apple believes that the economic downturn caused by the new crown epidemic has made consumers reluctant to spend more than $1000 on a new mobile phone.
The blockade measures taken by governments in response to the new epidemic have caused many factories to go bankrupt and a large number of workers have lost their jobs. Although the United States has taken stronger support measures, most American consumers are more inclined to “close their pockets”. According to the latest data released by the US economic analysis Bureau (BEA) on May 29, the US personal savings rate soared to 33% in April It also reached an all-time high, the highest since the agency began to count data in the 1950s.
This may be the worst time for apple, mainly because the company plans to launch its first 5g iPhone this fall. The first 5g iPhone has focused too much attention on the industry, because Huawei and Xiaomi, in China’s mobile phone manufacturing, have taken the lead in delaying the flagship models supporting 5g band, and people are expecting what kind of answers Apple will deliver.
Today, Apple’s shares fell 50 basis points in pre market trading, rebounded after opening, and are up 0.58% to $363.88.
All in all, DIGITIMES reports suggest that Apple lacks confidence in “bankrupt” U.S. consumers to buy its new 5g iPhone – perhaps the launch of the product should be delayed until the consumer economy recovers. (Sina US stock link)