360 stepping into the background of smart office: how to leverage the b-end market with security?


Sina Technology Han Dapeng
A year ago, Zhou Hongyi wrote in the company’s internal letter that he would try his best to expand the security market for government and enterprises through self construction, investment, merger and acquisition.
In the past year, 360 began to accelerate the pace of promoting in the field of government and enterprise, and successively acquired Hansi technology, Yifang cloud and Zhiyu ccwork. Its ambition to create “smart office” ecology has become increasingly clear.
And 360, which focuses on security, how to get involved in the enterprise collaborative office market? And how to grab users in the instant messaging field which has long been “mountain top forest”?
Recently, Sina Technology interviewed Yin Yuhui, senior general manager of 360 group, head of technology center and cloud application. He said frankly that there are common security risks in the field of government and enterprise office, while the party, government and army, large state-owned enterprises and central enterprises have high demands for security, which are all the focus of 360 in smart office. At the same time, 360 will open up a new interactive mode and reshape enterprise cooperation and collaborative office through acquisition.
Positioning differences: oligarchs or large and medium-sized enterprises in small B market are still “blue ocean”
In 2020, the epidemic will undoubtedly change people’s lifestyle and working state: offline industries are forced to press the pause button, and online office ushers in new development opportunities.
However, where there are business opportunities, there is a “war”, and the “fighting” in the field of office is particularly fierce: there were Alibaba nail and Tencent enterprise wechat, and then there was a “rookie” flying book How will 360’s acquisition of Zhiyu ccwork face the challenge?
“The enterprise office communication platform has been recognized as the place to enter the tob market. Now there are more and more players, but the market space is still very large. “In Yin Yuhui’s view, although such platforms have a broad market, they can not be generalized, and their positioning is different. At least, they should be distinguished from the C-end and the b-end.
Whether it is enterprise wechat, nailing or Feishu, it is mainly aimed at C-end customers and small B customers, and the service is mainly SaaS oriented. But for the pure b-end market, the enterprise office cooperation is still in the rapid development stage. The organizational language of 360’s acquisition is to provide products and services for the government and large and medium-sized enterprises, which is different from the positioning of nailing and enterprise wechat.
According to the data provided by 360, Zhiyu, which has been established for more than three years, has obtained nearly 1000 large-scale government and enterprise customers in 20 industries, including some super large organizations with more than 100000 users.
“From the perspective of the characteristics of the whole enterprise office collaborative market, there will always be new opportunities to break the present possibility.” he believes that the oligarchy of office communication will appear in the small B market, “because the stock of small B is large enough, and the willingness to pay is very low. This mode is especially in line with the Internet’s playing method, which relies on free and traffic to exchange users.”. But these are not the main goals of 360. What 360 needs to do is to “take down” customers with strong demand related to security in the subdivided fields of government and enterprise security.
Hidden dangers still exist: the party, government and army have high demands for safety, and seamless circulation is the goal
So, what kind of spark will be produced by the combination of security and government enterprise office?
Yin Yuhui said frankly that although the government and enterprise offices have many entrants and extensive uses, there are widespread security risks.
For example, zoom, a popular video conferencing software this year, has recently been exposed to security and privacy loopholes one after another. It has been banned by SpaceX and NASA. Some organizations even remind users to pay attention to network security when using zoom and not to share conference links extensively on social media, so as to prevent confidential information from being obtained by hackers. “Our pace is too fast We’ve learned the lesson of slowing down and focusing on privacy and security. “.
“In the pan office scenario, 360 has complete experience for the entire information security, data security, network link security and operation system security, which can be copied,” Yin Yuhui said. Security has always been the foundation of 360 and the foundation of intelligent office layout. At present, in the new scene, the security brain can enable the whole chain of information security, data security and operation system to achieve end-to-end security protection. The party, government and army, large state-owned enterprises and central enterprises have high demands for security, which are all key customers of 360 in smart office.
It is worth mentioning that Zhiyu is a “panoramic” intelligent collaborative work platform, which will give more platform capabilities to government and enterprise customers through decoupling. In short, by becoming the connection center of the customer system, other business components are connected in series, “for example, the back-end includes ERP, employee, attendance, salary and other related modules, and the front part is displayed according to different business needs. Finally, data, information and process can be transferred seamlessly on one platform, which greatly improves the business operation efficiency of government and enterprise.
“Combination boxing”: getting through is still in the early stage, which will reshape the cooperative office of enterprises
In the series layout of the grand security strategy, the network security market of government and enterprise is indispensable and full of opportunities.
At present, the current situation in B end is that after years of development, the party, government and army, large state-owned enterprises and central enterprises have completed the deployment of hardware level, including data center, hardware server and business system.
However, the software level still needs to be constantly improved. “At present, we have reached the stage of interpersonal communication and human system communication within the enterprise, and we have reached the core of enterprise internal management.” Yin Yuhui believes that the current “communication” is still in the early stage, which is one of the main reasons for the giant’s continuous layout. “We hope that through the capabilities of 360 and Zhiyu, we can put the safety belt into practice Go in, on the basis of meeting the exclusive requirements, help improve the internal informatization level of government and enterprises, and make good connections, so that all the systems can be gathered at one entrance. “.
It is not difficult to see that after successive acquisitions of Yifang Yunhe Zhiyu, the layout and direction of 360, which plays a “combination fist”, in the government enterprise market are becoming more and more clear: on the one hand, it will explore the frontier of “smart office”, further break through the barriers between various systems and modules, and reshape enterprise cooperation and collaborative office through a new interactive mode; on the other hand, the security brain has already been in place Multi location layout, while continuously increasing the investment in the collaborative office market, the areas covered by government and enterprise security are also expanding.

As Zhou Hongyi said, “it will take three years to prove that investment is feasible. In the future, we should invest more security companies through investment, and strive to re cultivate and go public, so as to become the real safety ecology builder and industry promoter.