Byte test water film single point payment, after all, or to love Teng you?


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Recently, the Japanese animation film unlimited (also called “I want to cry and I put on a cat mask”) opened the world premiere, and the tiktok runway’s watermelon video, jitter and the headline platform were synchronized with Netflix. It is worth noting that the film is broadcast in China in the mode of single point payment, with a unit price of 6 yuan. Users can try to watch the film for the first six minutes and then choose whether to buy the whole film to watch. No matter from the film type or pay on demand mode, this round of byte hopping mode is the same as the film mode of aitengyou’s three long video platforms. Interestingly, in the field of professional film content, as an “intruder”, the most impressive thing left to the whole industry is undoubtedly the free network wide service of “embarrassed mother” during the Spring Festival.
From short content to long content, from UGC to PGC, from free to paid, the rationality after “capricious” byte jumping seems to begin to reveal some inevitable logic behind the industry, one of which is the inevitability of paying for movies.
From “embarrassed mother” to “infinite”, online film can’t get around paying
At the beginning of the year, after several twists and turns, the movie lost its chance in the cinema. The byte leaped and quickly negotiated the copyright within 36 hours. The slogan of “invite the people of the whole country to see the film for free” was put forward, and then “the big winner” was also broadcast for free. Behind the huge free of charge, it was denounced and resisted by cinemas and other sectors of the industry.
Half a year later, cinemas have been shut down for more than half a year, and a large number of film and television companies have gone bankrupt and gone into liquidation. If you watch the movie “Jima”, it’s more like an emergency hedge in a special period. It’s a timely stop loss behavior of the film’s owners. It’s not reproducible. The byte skipping does not follow, and more movies of the same magnitude as “the lost mother.”. On the contrary, the payment attempt of infinity means that byte is fighting a long-term battle in the field of film.
Byte’s ambition for long video has not been reduced, which is not difficult to understand from the perspective of commercial realization. At present, the main tiktok, watermelon video and so on are mainly made by users who are short video content, enjoying the traffic bonus in the short term. But the revenue mode can only be realized by advertising and red men. The “cashability” of long video content is extremely attractive. In addition to advertising, users consciously pay for the content itself has gradually become a national awareness. No matter how short videos absorb traffic, when the boom of long content is born, almost the whole industry will work for it. The long tail effect and development value of a popular IP is huge, which is also the core imagination of foreign companies such as Disney, Netflix, the top five, and domestic companies such as aetnyo, which mainly provide long video.
In all forms of content, film is a natural category with paying gene. Because its birth is accompanied by the business rule of one person, one vote, which has gone through more than 100 years. When the broadcasting terminal has changed from cinema to video website, then the membership system or single point payment should replace the movie ticket. In addition, the average production cost of films is far higher than that of dramas and variety shows, and the fan culture and user sentiment are also higher than those of other film and television categories, which means that users accept the payment of films in terms of consciousness and consumption habits.
For companies that purchase digital rights of movies such as altenyou or byte skipping, it is unrealistic to purchase hundreds of millions of copyrights like “mother of shame”, because there is huge financial pressure behind the stunt. Payment is the most profitable model in the investment return model of all online films. On the one hand, the video platform can effectively control the cost of copyright. On the other hand, with the continuous expansion of the scale of payment, online distribution will become the most important incremental distribution channel of high-quality film content in the future, except for cinemas.
The payment model is the first symbiosis of long and short video companies in the content market. From this point of view, there is only one film, but infinity can have many. Byte began to learn from aitengyou to do pay on demand. On the one hand, it was out of reasonable cost control, on the other hand, it was “bowing down” to the business law.
In the future, the online film payment business is bound to grow stronger and stronger, and more abundant payment models will be derived to facilitate different viewing users to choose and cooperate with upstream film makers. At present, from the operation experience of aitengyou, many mature cases have emerged, such as the birth and growth of the pure payment mode of online movies, single point payment modes such as Fat Dragon crossing the river and spring tide, as well as VIP monthly new films and exclusive films.
Free easy, difficult to pay
Make complaints about mobile phone videos from the user’s feedback of the watermelon video unlimited play. It is only allowed to watch the phone, not support the screen, and general definition. Although the results are not published, the byte beating is still in the very early stage from these tucking points. This makes it easy for Internet users who have been watching paid movies for a long time to notice that the experience is different, even if they are technical Xiaobai.
On the movie channel of long video, there are often hundreds of film classification labels, which can be selected according to various dimensions such as online time, popularity, country / region, production year, type, theme, technical specifications, etc., with very high granularity. If users are lazy in choosing, AI will make personalized recommendation based on users’ previous viewing data.
Of course, by clicking on the movie content, members can enjoy various technical benefits, such as projection screen, Blu ray 1080p, 4K, Dolby Surround Sound, VR and so on. The viewing experience is developing towards the cinema immersion type.
From the perspective of film library reserves, the “atmosphere” needed for payment cannot be less. The reserve of tens of thousands of films over the past ten years is the result of the continuous learning and summary of aitengyou’s procurement cost of over 10 billion yuan, infrastructure construction, and operation team. Only then did aitengyou gain the “should pay” user consciousness. However, for watermelon, which has just entered the gate of long video, it is difficult for the public users to accept the payment even if there are other brother’s short video product flow assistance, unless they are hard core senior fans.

In addition, under the copyright mode, aitenyou has also fostered a pure payment film mode – online film. The growth rate of online film in recent years is obvious, especially during the epidemic period. Through the commercial top-level design, video platform and other content acquisition methods, copyright leasing can be terminated, and the revenue can be shared with the upstream production units; while the upstream studio is directly responsible for the C-end users, accepting the inspection of the network audience, it has the possibility of more accurate and faster market response and greater revenue.
Regardless of the mode, time accumulation and brand operation are the main barriers to competition. It takes time for good content to be produced in batches, and it takes more time to provide a paid environment for good content. This is the threshold of paying higher than free. In addition, user payment is the result of multiple reasons, not a one-off deal. They hope to see as much, new and comprehensive good content as possible on the platform, which requires deeper and more sustained cooperation between the platform and the upstream, and also needs to make full efforts on the infrastructure supporting the film viewing experience. The above two points are the test of byte traffic conversion efficiency and brand recognition.
But in any case, the attempt to pay for movies, as well as going deep into the upstream of the industry chain, is a positive turning point for byte hopping, which means that byte’s layout in the field of long video is returning from marketing “gimmicks” to commercial operation.
Pay for good content, long or short
It is undeniable that with the rise of short video platforms, users’ viewing habits are changing, and a large number of national time has been divided by short videos. However, this does not mean that short video and long video platforms are the relationship between one another and the other, but it is the inevitable process of the two market forms running in at the early stage.
In the first half of the year, long video has successively produced several popular models, such as “youth has you 2”, “secret corner”, “sister riding the wind and waves”. We can see that the long video platform still shows a strong strength in the nationwide blockbuster manufacturing, and the rising momentum of payment business continues. The short video platform is more like a marketing battlefield with long content, and it also contributes to the promotion of word-of-mouth plays such as “secret corner” and derivative topics such as “riding the wind and waves”. In conclusion, in the face of high-quality content, long video and short video platforms are easier to find their own maximum value point, and it is easier to coexist and co-exist.
Paying for good content is one of the business destinations of the content industry, whether long or short. We see that short videos start to try to pay for movies at a single point, and we also see that there are a lot of paid to free content in long videos. For content of different quality and different stages of content, it is the trend in the future to adopt the business model with the greatest marginal effect.
The future of the content industry is still uncertain, but it is always right to seek innovation on the basis of adhering to business laws.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)