Didi opens autopilot service to the public, Cheng Wei: make preparations for continuous investment for at least ten years


On June 27, the large-scale manned demonstration application of Shanghai intelligent Internet vehicle was launched, and didi travel opened its automatic driving service to the public for the first time. Users can register online through didi app, and after the approval, they will be able to call the automatic driving vehicle for test driving experience in Shanghai automatic driving test section free of charge.
At present, the scope of Didi’s manned test is limited to the Shanghai open test road, which passes through the auto exhibition center, office area, subway station, hotel and other core areas.
Cheng Wei, founder and CEO of didi travel, said that from technology maturity, business maturity to regulatory maturity, autonomous driving needs to make a plan of at least 10 years of continuous investment, and be prepared to face various difficulties and challenges, but the direction is clear and firm.