“Mountain climbing warning” out of the circle, the self-made drama finally broke out under the high price copyright?


Original title: “mountain climbing warning” out of the circle, the self-made drama finally broke out under the high price copyright?
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Descartes, known as the father of analytic geometry, once had a beautiful love story. Because of the same love for mathematics, Descartes fell in love with the Swedish princess. But when the king knew it, he broke up the two lovers. Descartes became sick and depressed.
This is a fairy tale version with a tragic color. It is a story flowing with the beautiful nature of love. But another realistic version is that the Swedish princess has never loved Descartes, and Descartes died of betrayal.
The story of Descartes, which has been mentioned repeatedly, has become a leading line through the beginning and the end in the secret corner of the recent fire. When fairy tales and reality are in front of you, which one would you choose to believe?
As the second work of iqiyi’s “fog theater”, the hidden corner has gained both praise and audience. In Zhihu, Douban, Weibo, xiaohongshu and other platforms, there are heated discussions on the plot and even the original novel.
For a long time, the audience has been suffering from high-quality domestic dramas, and the appearance of “secret corner” in this gap directly ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. Iqiyi, who stands behind, also gets a lot of traffic from it, adding a fire to the promotion of advanced on demand and Star Diamond VIP. In the contest of Aiyou Teng, iqiyi played the trump card?
The hidden corner of juvenile Perspective
The story takes place in a hot summer. The wind from the seaside is hot and humid. The opening scene is critical strike. Before the audience can enter the stage, the protagonist Zhang Dongsheng has pushed his father-in-law and mother-in-law down the foot of Liufeng mountain. The montage technique of giving the ending first and then the reason will pull the audience into the rhythm the creator wants.
“I haven’t seen such a compact and climactic plot in a domestic drama for a long time. The last one that brought me such a surprise was the crime without proof three years ago.”. Guan Kexin is a suspenseful movie fan. In her opinion, the explosion of “the secret corner” is expected.
From the perspective of configuration, there is no flow star in the hidden corner. Xin Shuang, the director, was previously more widely known as the drummer of the rock band Joyside and the contracted director of Hunan Satellite TV’s city of fantasy. So before the broadcast, except for Zijin Chen’s fans, the online drama failed to attract more attention in the circle.
Gold always shines. After the broadcast, “the secret corner” quickly aroused hot discussion on various platforms. There are more than 200000 people on Douban, 57.3% of them have 5 stars, 35.1% of them have 4 stars, with a total score of 9 points.
About the play, director Xin Shuang expressed his thanks on Weibo and wrote his own voice. At the same time, he also said: “the secret corner tells a story about doing evil in the name of love, so please don’t hurt another person because of your love for one person or another because of your love for one thing. Everything is beautiful, peace & love.”
Every secret corner hides the secret that can’t be said, the real face under the mask of personality. But some of these naked, some of the cruel reality, tore off the bright coat of fairy tales, let the audience stand in the corner of the light and shadow crisscross was greatly mobilized emotions.
“The contradiction of Zhang Dongsheng’s role is too strong, which has formed a strong dramatic conflict and attraction. With Qin Hao’s right handling of the performance, the image of the villain has become more three-dimensional and flesh and blood.” Guan Kexin said about his opinion, “the character setting of the three children is also very interesting. Yan Liang, who seems to be a little ruffian, tends to be more honest and kind in the face of major issues; Yue Pu, the only girl, looks innocent and thoughtful in fact; Zhu Chaoyang, the first three good students in the school, becomes the next Zhang Dongsheng in the final shadow corner. It’s also a question for the director to leave to the audience
The secret corner shows the distance between evil and us from the perspective of youth. Whether it’s the texture of the film, the sound effect of the screen, or the cruel reality reflected in the story core, it brings the audience’s empathy and promotes the drama explosion.
Three young heroes in the secret corner
Homemade play became the competition weight in the second half
Before “the secret corner”, the fog theater built by iqiyi has gained a lot of heat due to “ten day game”, but it is far from breaking the circle.
As an important plan for the second quarter of 2020, it is also an upgrade of iqiyi after the launch of “iqiyi suspense theater” in 2018. The fog theater has certain attraction from IP to cast.
It is not hard to see that iqiyi has attached great importance to self-made dramas in recent years, which is not only due to its own planning, but also due to the fierce competition from the outside world.
The membership base of the three top websites of Aiyou Teng is increasing, but it is still difficult to have a beautiful number on the revenue column. One of the important reasons behind this is the fierce competition for copyright.
Exclusive content is almost the most important core resource for video websites. The exclusive rights of some popular dramas and variety shows often lead to fierce competition among video websites, and even the skyrocketing price of copyright increases by 30 times in a year. In the end, the show investor makes a lot of money, but the video website can’t recover the cost.
At the same time, this approach does not foster loyalty among members. Many users recharge their members just to watch a single episode. When other platforms have new exclusive episodes, they will turn around quickly.
When there is no winner in the price war, video websites finally realize that it is not a long-term plan to rob copyright at a high price. Self made high-quality content can not only reflect the value orientation of the platform, but also dig out deeper user value. The same is true for the development logic of American streaming giant Netflix. As the world’s largest charging video website, Netflix’s success has some luck, but it is also closely related to the development idea of its original episodes.
From the perspective of domestic market, the refinement and verticality of homemade drama is the general trend. In 2018, for the first time, the proportion of original self-made dramas of aiyouteng has surpassed that of copyright dramas.

Since this year, several platforms have begun to add theatre mode on top of self-made plays. Since the beginning of the year, Youku has launched Tianchong theater, which focuses on feminization and youth. Recently, Youku has also put forward a suspense theater against iqiyi’s mist theater.
In the theater mode, partners and users can achieve closer communication, and the self-made strength of the platform can incubate corresponding brands. At the same time, the vertical partition content can achieve more accurate touch in operation, publicity and even customized communication. For the realization and revenue of video websites, this step is not unimportant.
Netflix bought Youku’s “white night chaser” overseas distribution rights
Difficult balance between revenue and user experience
At the same time of developing self-made dramas, there is still a survival problem hanging over the top of video websites: how to make profits? Therefore, from the “Chen Qingling” water trial to the “Qing more than one year” highly controversial, pay ahead of demand has always been a difficult problem between the platform and users to love and kill each other.
According to the data, China has about 200 million paid members of video websites. The rising number actually represents the improvement of people’s copyright awareness and the development of the concept of knowledge payment. Nowadays, consumers are no longer excluded from paying for content. Under the condition that the platform tries to offset the cost of copyright and production, the model of advanced on demand is born.
Because it is hard to resist the spoiler, many consumers will choose to spend about 3 yuan for an episode to get the ending in advance. But after the real fragrance, there are complaints. At the beginning of June, the first trial of the case of “Qingnian” advanced on demand was held, and the court found that the behavior of iqiyi advanced on demand damaged the rights and interests of the original members.
As a result, many consumers cried out that “this just war is worthy of praise”. But the fact is that even though iqiyi lost the lawsuit, the phenomenon of advanced on-demand in various platforms has not stopped, but has become more and more normal.
Chen Hongjia, vice president of iqiyi, once complained to the media, “it’s hard for video websites to make ends meet by relying on advertising revenue alone.” At present, advanced on-demand is the key direction of member business of major platforms, and also a major means to expand revenue.
Regardless of the direction of public opinion, it is almost certain to continue to use advanced on demand. From the third day after the broadcast, the “secret corner” can be directly on demand to the final. At the same time, the VIP of Star Diamond, whose price almost doubles, can watch the advanced on-demand content free of charge. These two steps walk out of iqiyi’s ambition to tap the value of its members.
However, for all video websites, the negative evaluation brought by advanced on-demand also brings a greater problem — rampant piracy. Many users do not accept the way of advanced on demand, so they will choose the pirated resources that are available and free. For the video website, it will not only lose the revenue of a single episode, but also lose a lot of members.
Therefore, the video websites with aiyouteng as the first echelon still need to find a more balanced development mode between revenue and user experience, and also need to take out more powerful means to fight against piracy resources, otherwise it will be difficult to continue.