Apple said it was trying to resolve the dispute between developers and the app store


Sina science and technology news Beijing time on the morning of June 26, according to foreign media reports, recently, in an interview, Greg joswiak, Apple’s marketing director, said that when dealing with the problem of app store distribution, apple focused on the developers and defended the practice of app store.
“I’ve worked at Apple for decades, and then I’ll review what we’ve done in the app store and on the iPhone, and how we’ve changed the way users and developers live their lives,” Reggie joswick said on John Gruber’s talk show
“It’s hard for me to remember what it was like before the app store came along,” joswick added. If you are a small developer, it is very difficult to publish a product. If you do, publishers and channels will take their share. As a small software developer, you end up with just a little money in your pocket. ”
“So whether you are a big developer or a small developer, we offer a way for you to make a profit. Everything has changed with the global release of the app store. We’ve been trying to focus on what our developers are talking about, and not just in the weeks like WWDC, we’ve made a lot of changes. ”
“We’ve done a lot for developers this week, everything from APIs to tools,” he said. In addition, there are some procedural changes. ”
“We’re looking at new ways to provide feedback, even to challenge the decisions we’ve made,” says joswick. That’s what Tim Cook said. The world is counting on all of us – Apple and our developers – to help us move forward. ” (Sakura)