Liu qiangdong, Huang Zheng, finally waiting for the 51 year old Huang Guangyu


By Ning Jersey
Report: pedaily in the investment community
After 12 years in the Jianghu, 51 year old Huang Guangyu is out of prison.
Last night, the official announcement came out. According to the wechat of Beijing France Internet official, on June 24, 2020, the first intermediate people’s Court of Beijing decided to grant Huang Guangyu parole according to law according to the application of the penalty execution organ. The parole test period is from the date of parole to February 16, 2021.
The news of Huang Guangyu’s release from prison began to circulate at noon yesterday. Gome’s share prices in a shares and Hong Kong shares soared, with Gome retail closing up 17.39% and its market value surging HK $7.3 billion, or 6.6 billion yuan. In addition, Gome’s financial technology rose 47.30%, * ST MeiXun and Zhongguancun trading. Roughly speaking, the market value of Gome rose by 8 billion yuan in just half a day.
A generation of business legends came back and made a sensation in the Jianghu. Chained and thrown into prison start empty handed, Wong Kwong Yu, who started to build up 100 billion Gome, and the three time he was the richest man in Chinese mainland, was no less very influential than Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin today.
On the eve of his release from prison, Huang Guangyu began to prepare. In April this year, pinduoduo strategic investment in Gome reached US $200 million, and then Jingdong followed up and invested US $100 million in Gome. At that time, the retail overlord chose to form an alliance with pinduoduo and Jingdong.
Can Huang Guangyu make a comeback?
The end of 12 years of iron window career,
The value of Gome increased by 8 billion yuan when the wife held the river and the mountain
“Huang Guangyu is out of prison!”
On the afternoon of June 24, the news leaked in advance, and Gome’s share prices in a shares and Hong Kong shares soared, including Gome retail (00493. HK) closing up 17.39%, Gome financial technology (00628. HK) up 47.30%, once up more than 60% in the session, * st news (600898. SH), Zhongguancun (00931. SZ) trading.
In the evening, the official announcement came out – Beijing France Internet official wechat. On June 24, 2020, the first intermediate people’s Court of Beijing decided to release Huang Guangyu on parole according to law according to the application of the penalty execution organ. The parole test period is from the date of parole to February 16, 2021.
At this time, 12 years have passed since Huang Guangyu was suddenly arrested in 2008.
On October 7, 2008, Huang Guangyu, 39 years old at that time, won the throne of China’s richest man for the third time with a wealth of 43 billion yuan, with boundless scenery. But a month later, the richest man’s life reversed and went to jail. In 2010, Huang Guangyu was sentenced to 14 years in prison for bribery and insider trading, and then served in Beijing’s second prison; his wife, Du Juan, was given a suspended sentence, that is, he was sentenced to a three-year suspended sentence of three years, and released in court.
It was the most difficult time for Huang Guangyu and Gome. At that time, Gome, listed in Hong Kong stocks, fell in response, from more than 4 Hong Kong dollars per share to 1 Hong Kong dollar, with a market value of nearly 80% evaporated.
At this time, Du Juan, Huang Guangyu’s wife, who has been hiding behind the scenes, was ordered to cut off her shoulder length hair and went to battle from housewife to Daifu, carrying the banner of “keeping the national beauty”.
At that time, the national beauty was teetering. In the internal incident of “fighting for Gome’s control” launched by Chen Xiaofa, then president of Gome, cuckoo stabilized the overall situation, fought for institutional investors Bain and Huang Guangyu’s old department while combining vertical and horizontal; at the same time, she focused on beating and resolutely drove away the usurper Chen Xiao.
Finally, the war ended with Chen Xiao leaving, and the Huang Guangyu family won the final victory under the leadership of cuckoo. Since then, Gome management, deeply aware of the cruel business competition, has introduced Zhang Dazhong, the former chairman of Dazhong Electric appliances, as the chairman. Zhang Dazhong, now 71, is just the “city keeper” chosen by the Huang family.
It is said that cuckoo once promised Huang Guangyu: “after you get out of prison, I will give you a better national beauty.” Now it seems that Gome, if not better, has at least kept it.
Up to now, the territory of Huang Guangyu and Gome can not be underestimated. At present, there are six “Gome series” listed companies recognized by market investors, three of which are Gome retail, Gome financial technology and online entertainment listed in Hong Kong stock market, and the other three are Gome communication, Zhongguancun and Shandong Jintai listed in A-share market.
As a major shareholder of the company, Gome’s marriage with pinduoduo and Jingdong has been approved by Huang Guangyu, “we have been reporting to him on the progress of strategic transformation, and he may make faster progress after his return.” Li Hong, head of retail investment relations at Gome, has said.
Boss Huang never seems to be far away.
Chaoshan tycoon
Capital war history of the richest man in the past
Cao mang was born to be the richest man in China. Huang Guangyu is a legend.
In 1969, Huang Guangyu was born in Chaoshan area and inherited the blood of his ancestors. In 1987, Huang Guangyu, who had not graduated from junior high school, and his brother founded Gome in Beijing.
The Huang brothers caught up with a great opportunity. At that time, after 10 years of reform and opening up, the living conditions of the Chinese people changed from extreme poverty to a little savings, the pent up desire for consumption began to release violently for many years, and household appliances became the most popular hot goods. What Huang brothers owned happened to be a continuous supply of goods from Guangdong.
Huang Guangyu gradually opened up the market in the way of “small profits and quick sales”, which was called “price butcher” by the industry at that time. Gome’s hegemonic style in the field of electrical retail – for example, it charges manufacturers for entry fees, sells goods for several months before paying for goods, blocks an electrical brand, shares the manufacturer’s manufacturing profits with customized products and so on – stems from its expanding network strength.
By 1999, Gome had become the largest household appliance chain enterprise in Beijing market. The market of a single city could not meet the ambition of this fast-growing monster. It began to march to other places. Huang’s wealth has doubled.

Gome’s real rival is Suning. The reason is simple. Both enterprises are national strategies. In 2005, Huang Guangyu, who vowed to sweep the national electrical market, opened the first Nanjing Gome store at Xinjiekou, the headquarters of Suning. Under the nearly crazy low price, more than 100000 Nanjing citizens swarmed into Gome’s stores. The event can be seen from the media’s Description: “five minutes later, the glass door was broken, and the shoes that were lost were filled with several large cartons.”
Many years later, the industry is still worried about Huang Guangyu’s fierce fighting. On March 27, 2019, when Dong Mingzhu participated in an activity, he talked about Huang Guangyu: “at that time, Huang Guangyu hit the market with low price and wanted to eliminate all the small dealers in our channel. At that time, our people were very nervous and could not offend him. Dalian lock was very powerful! ”
However, not satisfied with Gome’s “low profit”, Huang Guangyu began to get involved in real estate and finance. He purchased Pengrun home in West 2nd Ring Road of Beijing, the first city of Gome in North Chaoyang Road and Pengrun building in Xiaoyun road. What’s more amazing is his operation in the financial field.
Since 2000, Huang Guangyu has become a major shareholder of the Hong Kong stock exchange through the capital injection of “Jinghua automation”, and has released a series of good news successively, which has increased the company’s share price by four times. Later, some shares were sold to cash in HK $76.5 million, reducing the shareholding ratio to 74.5%.
In April 2002, Jinghua automation spent HK $120 million in cash and HK $75 million in shares to acquire a Bermuda company controlled by Huang Guangyu, whose main asset is a property owned by Huang Guangyu in Chaoyang District, Beijing.
After two operations, Huang Guangyu put forward a total of HK $135 million in cash, but cashed out 76.5 million and got another 120 million in cash. It is equivalent to turning money from left hand to right hand, getting a clean listed shell company under its own control, and making HK $61.5 million from the capital market.
In July 2002, Huang Guangyu put some assets of Pengrun real estate into Jinghua automation and renamed it “China Pengrun”. In 2004, Huang Guangyu invested 8.8 billion yuan to “China Pengrun”, whose market value was only 200 million yuan, to acquire 65% equity of Gome, which he wholly owned. On September 10, “China Pengrun” officially changed its name to “Gome electric appliance”, and Gome successfully went public through backdoor listing.
Although Huang Guangyu played the game of “left hand to right hand”, as Gome’s stores are still expanding and its business is booming, the company’s share price is not only not falling, but also rising. Huang Guangyu successfully cashed in HK $4 billion through several placements. Combined with the shares of listed companies, their total personal assets reached 10.5 billion yuan, becoming the richest man in China.
To a certain extent, capital achieved the early Gome. It was in the process of capital trading that Huang Guangyu laid a hidden danger for himself and finally paid a heavy price.
From a hundred billion yuan market value to more than 30 billion yuan,
Can Huang Guangyu turn over? Alliance and fight for more Jingdong
Huang Guangyu and Gome have become a vivid case in Chinese commercial history.
Gome almost completely missed an era. Since 2008, China’s Internet has changed from the era of PC to the era of mobile, and mobile communication has changed from 2G to 4G. China’s retail industry has undergone tremendous changes: e-commerce giants such as Taobao, Jingdong, Suning and pinduoduo have emerged in an endless stream, and a large wave of new biological species, including social e-commerce and member e-commerce, are also occupying the top of the mountain.
After Huang Guangyu’s imprisonment, Jingdong has established its foothold in the field of e-commerce through self built logistics, and Suning Electric is also making a large-scale layout to the second and third tier cities, providing a strategic base for the future Internet transformation. Gome’s two biggest competitors have achieved rapid development.
In contrast, Guomei, cuckoo and Zhang Dazhong, an old minister over 70 years old, won the battle for control with Chen Xiao, but there are few leading figures in the current senior management who can play an independent role in the field of Internet and new retail. Gome’s strategic deployment has changed almost every year. It seems that it lost its way and gradually fell behind.
According to the report on China’s home appliance market in 2019, JD’s channel share in the domestic home appliance market is 22.39%, ranking first, followed by Suning e-commerce, Gome’s old rival, accounting for 18.09%, while Gome’s share is less than 5%, far from the top two.
“The decline of Gome is the result of multiple factors. It is generally believed that it has a direct relationship with Huang Guangyu’s imprisonment.” In the view of insiders, after Huang Guangyu’s imprisonment, Gome’s management mentality tends to be conservative, and the mentality of keeping business is greater than that of entrepreneurship, which directly leads to Gome’s loss of opportunities in the era of e-commerce and new retail, and is greatly surpassed by Suning offline.
Both Huang Guangyu and the United States need a hearty victory.
It’s all planned before we get out of jail. In April this year, pinduoduo subscribed for us $200 million in convertible bonds and invested strategically in Gome retail; one month later, Jingdong announced that it invested strategically in Gome retail and subscribed for overseas convertible bonds issued by Gome retail with us $100 million. Gome received $300 million in blood transfusions through these two cooperation, and also brought in two e-commerce giants to help.
After the combination of vertical and horizontal, the pattern of the two camps in China’s retail field is gradually clear: Ali + Suning vs Tencent + pinduoduo + Jingdong + Gome.
At the same time, holding the hand of Jingdong and pinduoduo, Huang Guangyu’s transformation ambition is not small, but waiting for him and Gome is still an uncertain future.
Can Huang Guangyu turn over? Many people say yes, because he is Huang Guangyu.