New version of sing duck app: presenting high-quality music content in the way of information flow


Alibaba innovation business group’s sing duck app released a new version. In the new version, the product interface will present the high-quality music content in the station in the form of information flow, and at the same time, it will strengthen the entrance of the contribution area and the search for people to sing, so as to enhance the creation and interaction experience of users. The newly designed interactive interface not only makes the creation of users more convenient, but also strengthens the display of high-quality content, and creates a more immersive music community atmosphere.
The new version of the singing duck app is based on a fresh and fashionable interactive design. The content of the song is recommended to be upgraded to the operation form of information flow, which is more in line with the current user’s usage habits and increases the smoothness of page presentation. Different colors cooperate with the cross presentation of songs, so that the whole page is full of hearing and visual rhythm.
In the single page of songs, in addition to singing, the arrangement of instruments and feelings used by the singers have become part of the exhibition of works. Users can show themselves more comprehensively, so that other members of the community can understand and know themselves. The amount of likes, comments and ensemble can also show the popularity of songs more clearly, which is convenient for other users to quickly locate the content.
At the same time, the home page of the revised version also sets the playing and singing parameters, playback and other entries under the song name in an important position, so that users can better reference other people’s operation and learn better playing and singing skills. This will further enhance the music community atmosphere of singing duck, and the price is based on the social chain of works.