Love inventory launched decentralized brand special selling platform “rating store”


On June 22, love inventory announced the launch of a decentralized brand special selling platform – Rating stores. The platform can provide consumers with more than 10000 brand authentic products with high cost performance, and more than 1.8 million shopkeepers provide customized services including selection, recommendation and after-sales.
According to the introduction, through the new e-commerce mode, love inventory integrates one-stop services such as supply chain, training and compliance, comprehensively empowers the owner to generate income and start a business, optimizes the inventory management of the business, and improves the efficiency of people and goods matching. After the launch of the rating store, consumers can not only shop through stores shared by the owner in private channels, but also search the small program of rating store directly to find the platform entrance, so as to ensure the service quality of the owner, improve the proportion of re purchase of consumers, and reduce the loss of customers.