SpaceX starship factory introduces spot robot dogs or uses them for dangerous missions


Sina science and technology news in the evening of June 18, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, SpaceX, an American space exploration technology company, introduced a Boston Dynamics quadruped robot spot at its star spaceship manufacturing plant in Boca Chica, Texas.
In fact, on June 14, it was reported that a reporter found a “special building”, a bright red dog house (spot quadruped robot is also known as “spot machine dog”) at the SpaceX boccachika factory. The facility has sparked speculation, and today there is an answer.
Today, a blurry video on YouTube shows a SpaceX employee at the Boca Chica plant walking around with a Boston power spot robot.
Boston power has been developing spot robots for many years. Last year, the company began leasing robots to businesses. Yesterday, the spot robot officially went on sale to the public, with a basic price of $74500. The user can also specify to increase the testing equipment, and the cost will increase accordingly. As a result, the price of an “enterprise” spot robot may well exceed $100000.
On Boston power’s website, several uses of spot robots are listed. For SpaceX, the most likely uses are leak detection, thermal inspection, noise anomaly detection, and human inaccessible meter readings.
How SpaceX plans to use the spot robot is uncertain. But given that the main function of the boccachika plant at present is to build and test starship prototypes, it is believed that the role of spot robots is likely to help achieve these goals. For example, check whether the pressurized launch hardware leaks, thermal inspection of key components, etc. (Li Ming)