Didi network car Hailing structure adjustment pay strong: continuous construction of driver ecology


Sina science and technology news on the evening of June 18, Didi online car Hailing platform company today released an internal announcement on organization and personnel appointment, transferring the driver organization and other teams in the driver service department to the regional management center. More closed-loop construction of driver’s off-line management related middle platform capacity, enhance face-to-face management, empowerment and service with didi drivers, and continue to build an online car Hailing driver ecology.
Fu Qiang, CEO of didi network car Hailing platform company, issued an internal letter saying: “the core of how didi network car Hailing changes from” danger “to” machine “during the epidemic is to create value for our users, provide more drivers with flexible income sources and opportunities, and help and empower our drivers to serve good passengers safely and with good experience.”
“To do a good job in driver service, it is not enough to rely on online ability and rules alone. There must be a team of offline driver service managers who are empathic, good at communication and strong in execution.” Fu Qiang said that didi set up an offline driver management and service system last year to effectively coordinate the resources of the headquarters and ensure the smooth start and development of the work. According to the development of more than one year, the next step is to build more closed-loop capacity of drivers’ off-line management related to the middle platform by the network car Hailing regional team, which will improve the overall work efficiency.
Looking back to the first half of 2020, Fu Qiang said: “didi network car Hailing adheres to the implementation of anti epidemic measures, responds to the call of the government, launches a series of activities to help return to work and travel, issues 1.5 billion travel vouchers in June, helps return to work and recovery of consumption, and helps to restore the driver’s single volume and income. At present, the overall recovery of didi network car hailing in the national transportation industry is relatively good, which has basically reached the level of the same period last year. ”
In Fu Qiang’s view, the current epidemic situation in some areas has been repeated, and didi network car Hailing is determined and confident to do a good job in the sustainable development under the normalized epidemic prevention. “To create value for users and drivers, we need to always adhere to the original intention of” making travel better “. Under the challenge of the new normal after the outbreak, we need to break through innovation and continue to grow. ” (Zhang Jun)