The scene of Li Guoqing’s case: Yu Yu’s love for sending flowers as evidence is not broken (photo)


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Source: Sanyan Finance (ID: sycaijing)
Sanyan finance and economics heard on June 15 that the divorce case between the longtime founder of, Li Guoqing, and his wife, Yu Yu, was reopened.
Sanyan finance and economics observed that at about 3:15 p.m., Li Guoqing and Yu Yu arrived at the people’s Court of Dongcheng District successively. When the couple waited to enter the court, they were far away and did not communicate with each other.
Li Guoqing’s short interview when he arrived
Li Guoqing, in a brief interview before entering the court, said that there might be no result today. “I think it’s disgusting that my feelings are broken. I’ve been separated for two years and five months.”.
Yu Yu is waiting for identity confirmation outside the court
Yu Yu was silent from his arrival to entering the court. He didn’t receive an interview and waited for his identity to be confirmed before entering the court.
After nearly two hours of trial, Yu Yu and Li Guoqing went out of Dongcheng District People’s court and Yu Yu left directly by car, without making any comments on today’s trial.
After the trial, Yu Yu directly gets on the bus and leaves
Li Guoqing, on the other hand, said in an interview at the end of the trial that it was Yu Yu who gave evidence today.
Li Guoqing revealed that Yu Yu pointed out that the couple had traveled together and Li Guoqing also presented his own roses, which proved that the relationship between the couple was not broken.
In this regard, Li Guoqing said that the relationship between husband and wife is broken, not the relationship between friends, so travel and gift giving are very normal things at the level of friends. Li also mentioned that Yu Yu had “splashed ink and slandered” himself in October last year, which is enough to prove that the couple’s relationship has broken down.
Secondly, the second evidence provided by Yu Yu is Li Guoqing’s “extreme emotions” on social media, which proves that he is not suitable for participating in business management and holding shares in Dangdang.
Regarding Dangdang’s right of control, Li Guoqing said that he had been elected as chairman of Dangdang. “Dangdang also has a dream, to achieve the market value of ten billion dollars.”.
In terms of divorce, Li Guoqing said that his appeal is to share the equity equally, that he is the victim of the marriage and that his family property should also be shared equally.
Finally, Li Guoqing stressed that Yu Yu deliberately delayed the judgment in order to continue to control the company, and expressed Three Views:
First of all, Li Guoqing pointed out that four years ago Yu Yu was in charge, but she did not manage well. “Dangdang is a husband and wife shop. Our family owns more than 90 shares. Four years ago, she was asked to take charge of it. I can take care of it at any time. Without taking the official seal, I will plant the vegetable garden if she can’t grow it well.”
Secondly, Li Guoqing thought that the divorce equity should be equally divided. If Yu Yu is the victim of the marriage, he can “open four or six times”. Li Guoqing said that he was not the fault party in the marriage, so the equity should be equally divided;
On the issue of official seal of, Li Guoqing said that he was glad to have 8% of the minority shareholders support himself. “The three shareholding platforms probably involve more than 70 employees who leave and are in office. They support me. I am more than half of any of them, so I am the chairman of the board of directors and the CEO. I hold the official seal very often and ask her to vacate the office for me.”
Before Li Guoqing boarded the car and left, he said, “I’ve thrown out olive branches, and I’ll read sooner or later to buy Yu Yu shares. You (Yu Yu) can offer me a price.” then he left the court.
They met and founded Dangdang
In 1996, Li Guoqing and Yu Yu met each other in a dinner party. It took them less than three months to get married.
In 1999, was founded.
On December 8, 2010, Dangdang was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange. On the day of listing, the market value of the company was more than $2.3 billion, and the value of Li Guoqing and his wife was more than $1 billion. At this time, Li Guoqing owned 38.9% of and Yu Yu only held 4.9%.
In 2016, was delisted. In September of that year, Dangdang announced the completion of the privatization agreement. After delisting, Li Guoqing and Yu Yu each accounted for half of the shares.
In the same year, HNA intended to acquire, which had just left the market, with a valuation of 9 billion yuan. It intended to complete the acquisition two years later. But the takeover failed because of Li’s refusal.
Li Guoqing receives “confession letter”
On January 15, 2018, Li Guoqing received a “forced palace letter” asking him to hand over his new Dangdang business, and his original shareholding remained unchanged. So far, Li Guoqing’s business in Dangdang has been elevated.
According to the industrial and commercial information, in August 2018, Dangdang added Yu Yu as the executive director; in February 2019, Li Guoqing retired from Dangdang as a legal person and general manager, and Yu Yu took over; at the same time, Li Guoqing became a “former post” in many Dangdang subsidiaries.
Kicked out
On February 20, 2019, Li Guoqing issued an internal letter to announce his resignation as CEO of At the same time, announced that Li Guoqing no longer holds any position in the company, and Yu Yu, chairman of the board, will concurrently serve as CEO.
Since then, the contradiction between Li Guoqing and Yu Yu’s husband and wife has gradually become irreconcilable. Later, it has developed into a series of events, such as online swearing, mutual blackout and so on.
On October 10, 2019, in a video interview with a certain media, Li Guoqing broke the quilt on the table on the spot when talking about Yu Yu.
“Falling cup incident” became a hot spot at that time. Li Guoqing also sent a letter from his friends circle to thank his friends for supporting him, saying that he would do well in “reading in the morning and in the evening”.
Scold each other on the Internet
However, on the night of October 23, the day after the broadcast of the “falling Cup” interview, Yu Yu made a long article disclosure under the dynamic of Li Guoqing’s circle of friends. Yu Yu pointed out that Li Guoqing took more than 130 million yuan of property from his family, smashed his family, manipulated public opinion and lied repeatedly, and failed to fulfill his responsibilities as a father.
In response, Li Guoqing responded that Yu Yu slandered, and he had applied for divorce in July, and received the divorce leaflet from the court on October 17, but Yu Yu refused on the grounds that “the relationship has not broken”.
Li Guoqing said Yu Yu deliberately made up the “black material” to create momentum for the split of equity after divorce, so as to win more benefits. He also sent a suspected response to Yu Yu in the circle of friends, saying that he had endured 23 years for his son.

In the early morning of October 24, Li Guoqing once again replied to Yu Yu that he would like to receive the lawyer’s letter. In response, Li Guoqing said that Yu Yu, from Dangdang’s helper, to small shareholders, and now the absolute majority shareholders abroad, not only swept him out of the business he had worked for for half his life, but also slandered him in an attempt to discredit him. Li Guoqing said his marriage with Yu Yu had come to an end and believed the court would make a just judgment.
As for Li Guoqing’s remarks, Yu Yu replied only 12 words: “it’s better to be unhappy at home, customers are not in the way.”.
As for the progress of the divorce case between the two sides, Li Guoqing revealed that Yu Yu asked him to accept 25% of the shares in order to divorce peacefully, but Li Guoqing asked to share the shares equally.
First divorce trial
On November 30, 2019, the divorce case between Li Guoqing and Yu Yu officially opened in the Dongcheng people’s Court of Beijing, but Yu Yu did not appear on that day. On the same day, the court did not adjudicate the divorce of the two, but Li Guoqing said in an interview that he has not yet given up the reconciliation with Yu Yu.
Since then, there has been no serious conflict between Li Guoqing and Yu Yu. Dangdang make complaints about Li Guoqing in January 2020. In February 5th, Li Guoqing make complaints about the “Li Li” program, which is under the leadership of Yu Yu. Yu Yu did not respond.
During this year’s epidemic, there are rumors that is laying off workers. Li Guoqing claimed that he was only a shareholder and could not influence Yu Yu’s decision.
Snatch the seal
Until April 26 this year, Li Guoqing took the official seal of with four big men, which triggered a new round of dispute between Yu Yu and Li Guoqing.
On June 13, the police investigation results of Li Guoqing’s “chapter snatching” incident came out, and determined that Li Guoqing had no illegal act in the whole process of the incident., shocked by the result, has applied for administrative reconsideration.
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