Behind the live broadcast of sexual assault by car Hailing drivers: turn to private “micro broadcast” after charging


Because netizens reported that “online car drivers broadcast sexually assaulted female passengers”, leading to the platform behind the Yellow live broadcast. Suspected involved platform star love live, at present, all live content has been emptied, platform customer service automatically replied, “the platform is closed for rectification, and the notice has been restored.”
In addition to the star love live broadcast, the reporter of Beijing News found that there are a large number of similar live apps involving Huang on the Internet. Most of the female hosts use body and speech teasing to induce recharge and reward, and transfer users to the private “little broadcasters”. This kind of yellow related app usually contains a large number of advertisements promoting gambling and gambling websites.
Screenshot of the involved video. Video screenshot video screenshot. Video screenshot
Various rewards stimulate users to promote yellow related apps
According to a video showing the content of the incident, the man carried a female passenger, halfway to the road, the following car to buy water for the reason to leave, and spray the car “perfume.” After getting out of the car, the man told the video audience that he was in Zhengzhou. Perfume was actually a mystery. About 5 minutes later, the man returned to the car and assaulted the comatose female passenger. On the night of November 11, the relevant principal of Zhengzhou police responded that it was in the process of emergency verification.
Anonymous informer introduced the live broadcast platform involved as star love live broadcast. Compared with the relevant pictures and user names involved in the live broadcast, the reporter found that it was highly similar to star love live broadcast.
On the evening of November 11, a reporter from the Beijing News opened the live broadcast of Star Love suspected of the above video, and found that there were many female hosts with exposed clothes making provocative actions, even directly exposing their private parts. The female anchor constantly encouraged the audience to recharge and brush gifts, saying that if you brush gifts, you can see more exciting content or add wechat.
It needs a certain threshold to watch the larger scale live broadcast of female anchor. The reporter of Beijing News found that in the live broadcast of the platform, the anchor would use scripts such as “there will be a big show later” to guide users and ask users to brush gifts or give rewards. After the user completes the payment, it will be pulled into the invisible “small broadcast” of the public platform to broadcast the larger scale yellow content.
One of the female hosts stroked her chest, and a user watching the live broadcast immediately rewarded a sports car. According to the anchorman, “two golden sports cars, a gift of 1314 yuan, can be arranged or watched.”
Another female anchor said in the live broadcast, “brush the gifts of two groups and 10 doughnuts, and you can watch the” big show “in a minute, and add wechat to your brother who wants to make an appointment.” You can’t watch a more private video without a gift.
In order to expand users, star love live platform launched a variety of reward methods. If the user invites others to download and register the app, he / she will be rewarded with points. If the invited person recharge, the user will be rewarded accordingly.
Besides in the platform, relevant promotion also appears in microblog. A reporter from the Beijing News found that on June 7, a user named “star love live” posted the app’s download QR code on Weibo, and that the user has deleted the Weibo.
Another user named “Star Love Live app” posted download links of 10 apps on Weibo, including live broadcast of baby cat, live broadcast of star love, tomato, etc.
Tomato app recommendation page. Screenshot of tomato app recommendation page. Webpage Screenshot
Users can recharge 30 yuan to interact with the host
According to the above microblog content, the reporter of Beijing News downloaded two of the apps and found that all of them were related to the live broadcast of Huang.
In the live broadcast column of the tomato app, several female anchors carried out live broadcast involving yellow. Among them, 2945 people watched the most clicked live broadcast, and the female anchor had 95000 fans. The gifts for the host range from 156 yuan to 1999 yuan. The names of the gifts are “silk socks”, “lace pajamas”, “whip”, etc.
In the app recommendation column, there are a large number of yellow pictures, short videos, etc. One of the short videos related to yellow is “No.1” in the annual list, which has been praised more than 20000 times. Some hot videos need to be recharged for VIP to watch. Among them, 60 yuan is required for monthly members, 120 yuan for quarterly members and 280 yuan for annual members. The membership rights and interests include unlimited viewing, wireless cache video, local download, etc.
In another app called live baby suckling cat, a female anchor mostly has naked body to live, and spends 28 gold coins (about 2.8 yuan) per minute to watch the private live broadcast. Beijing News reporter found that the app home page has a large number of online gambling ads.
The above yellow related apps cannot be directly searched in the android app market. Among them, many links are spread on social platforms, and some people make profits with them. “Package and download costs 15 yuan.”.
In addition, the reporter of Beijing News found that through web search keywords, you can easily find the live app involving Huang, and will pop up links to other websites involving Huang from time to time.
In an app called Xiaotiantian, a host’s room shows 117000 users watching online. In the video, the female anchor is naked, carrying on the pornographic live broadcast, and said “don’t ask what can be seen, brush the gift what can be seen”. Gift prices vary from 0.1 yuan to 1999 yuan. The customer service staff said that only the top-up of 30 yuan can interact and talk with the anchor on the page.
Similar to other platforms, each anchor page of the app has advertisements related to gambling games, and the app also includes game center, which can directly click to play games such as lottery, chess and card.
The server address of star love live website is overseas
On the evening of June 11, the reporter of Beijing News inquired through the third-party website that the domain name of star love live app official website was registered by an American company on behalf of it, and the registration time was November 2019. The IP address of the website server was located in Hong Kong.
On the top-up page of the app, the reporter of Beijing News found that the payee was Xiamen shusongqi Trading Co., Ltd. Payment is made through UnionPay transfer, and the transfer information popped up by app points to the account of China Everbright Bank held by CAI.
On the morning of the 12th, the reporter of Beijing News noted that the live broadcast of star love has emptied the live content. In response, the platform online “exclusive customer service” automatically replied that “the platform was closed for rectification and the notice was restored.”

According to Hebei Baoding City Network Information Office, in May, three illegal websites were investigated, including “star love live broadcast”. Baoding City Internet and Information Office introduced that Guo had been idle since he registered the website in 2016, and failed to cancel it in time, resulting in the website being stolen by lawbreakers, publishing illegal information containing pornographic live transactions and online gambling. Guo said that he was deeply aware of the seriousness of the errors and problems, and now actively cancelled the website.
In addition, according to media reports on May 17 this year, Shenzhen police recently arrested a woman who was engaged in pornographic and obscene live broadcasting for compensation. She started to engage in pornographic and obscene live broadcasting at the end of 2019, making more than 250000 yuan in less than half a year, involving platforms including star love live broadcasting. The woman is currently in criminal detention.
The reporter of Beijing News dials 12390 national “anti pornography and anti fraud” reporting phone number, and the connecting staff says that the website and app involved in the report of obscenity need to check whether the server address is in China or abroad. If the server is abroad, the relevant departments of the central network information office can seize its domestic domain name, but cannot seize its overseas server.
Subsequently, the reporter of Beijing News reported the online crime reporting platform of the national network information office, including tomato, live broadcast of baby cat, and Xiaotiantian.
Reporter Liu Ruiming, intern Wu Rongkui, Wang Chang