Suspected didi driver broadcast sexually assaulted female passengers live, the platform suspected to be “star love live”


Original title: “suspected didi driver broadcast sexually assaulted female passengers” and the platform suspected to be “Star Love broadcast”
Beijing News (reporter Haiyang intern Zhuo Manman) on June 11, micro blog user “chocolate cuicuisha” revealed that in the early morning of June 10, a driver suspected of online car hailing in Zhengzhou, Henan Province claimed to commit adultery with drugs while carrying female passengers, and broadcast live on a live platform. On the evening of June 11, Zhengzhou police responded to the reporter of the Beijing news that they were in the process of urgent verification and that there would be a briefing. According to a survey conducted by the reporter of Beijing News, the live broadcast platform is suspected to be the underground pornographic live broadcast platform “star love live”, and the reporter has reported the live broadcast platform to the state network information office.
According to the Internet link provided by “chocolate cuicuisha”, the reporter of Beijing News found the article published by the original informant “besafe2020june” and obtained a 21 minute live studio video. According to the informant, he accidentally found a live studio called “outdoor vehicle shock” in an underground live platform app, and recorded some videos of the process of adultery.
The live video shows the male anchor carrying a female passenger and then talking to him while driving. Halfway through, the anchors leave the car and buy perfume in the car. After getting out of the car, the anchor told the audience that perfume was actually a drug and said he was in Zhengzhou. About five minutes later, the man returned to the car and saw that the female passenger had been unconscious and had been harmed. The source, besafe2020june, said the man closed the live broadcast at 2:21 a.m. after the assault.
According to a survey conducted by a reporter from Beijing News, the live platform page is the same as a live app called “star love live”. Open the app and you can see that the covers of each studio are mostly pictures of naked beauties. When entering the live room, many female anchor exposed their clothes and had dew point behavior, and asked for gifts during the live broadcast. There are administrators in the live room to encourage the audience to brush sports car gifts and add QQ “see welfare”.
According to the screenshot of the incident live broadcast room provided by the informant “besafe2020june”, the reporter of Beijing News searched more than 10 top users of the above men’s live broadcast room “fan contribution list” in the “star love live” app, and obtained the same search results of the avatar and nickname. Therefore, the involved app is highly suspected of star love live app. However, on the night of June 11, there was no result in searching the ID of the male anchor of the suspected sexual assault female passenger.
On the official website of “star love live”, the reporter of Beijing News noticed that while the website provided the download address, the privacy protection statement of star love live and the user agreement of star love live were attached at the bottom. According to the user agreement, users should agree not to transmit the content of “spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crime”. It is worth noting that in the full text of the agreement, the platform side claimed to be “star love live”, without any company name. During the download process, the reporter of Beijing news was not required to read the agreement.
Through the third-party website, the reporter of Beijing News tried to query the domain name of the live app official website. The query results show that the domain name is registered by a US company on behalf of it, and the registration time is November 2019. The reporter of Beijing News inquired the IP address of the website and found that its server was located in Hong Kong.
On the top-up page of the app, the reporter of Beijing News found that the payee was Xiamen shusongqi Trading Co., Ltd. For payment through UnionPay transfer, the transfer information popped up in the app points to the bank account of China Everbright held by a person named “Cai Guo”.
At present, the reporter of Beijing News has reported the “star love live” app to the network crime reporting platform of the state network information office.
Zhuo Manman, intern of Haiyang, reporter of Beijing News
Editor Wang Jingyi proofreader Xue Jingning