Police report suspected didi driver’s live sexual assault: couple relationship in video


Sina science and technology news on the evening of June 12, Zhengzhou public security bureau released a microblog to inform the Internet that didi drivers broadcast the sexual assault event live.
Police reported that after investigation, the suspect che (male, 22 years old, Chang Ge ren) and Gao (female, 21 years old, Wei Hui ren) were married. In the early morning of June 10, 2020, with the purpose of making profits, the two people, in the white Chang’an car under the name of Che Aotao, through an illegal live broadcast platform app installed on Che Aotao’s mobile phone, made a public pornographic performance, attracting others to watch, challenging the public order and good customs, breaking through the moral bottom line, and disturbing the public order.
Police said that at present, the suspects Che and Gao have been arrested and the case is under further processing.