2020 Taipei Computer Exhibition announced to be cancelled: June 1-5 next year


2020 Taipei International Computer Exhibition cancelled
Sina digital news in the morning of June 12, the organizers of Taipei Computer Exhibition announced that the 2020 Taipei Computer Exhibition (Computex 2020) was officially cancelled due to the epidemic. Meanwhile, the organizers announced that the 2021 computer exhibition will be held from June 1 to 5 next year.
In fact, in March, Taipei Computer Exhibition decided to postpone to September 28-30. However, after comprehensive consideration, the organizer felt that it would cancel this year’s exhibition.
Before that, board and memory brands such as bodi, gigabyte, MICROSTAR, Shaxun, elite and Chengqi have all quit this year’s Taipei Computer Exhibition, and Intel, AMD and NVIDIA, the three chip giants, have also given up participating in the exhibition.
Computex is the second largest international computer exhibition in the world and the largest in Asia. It is located in the world trade center of Taipei. In June of each year, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and other international giants in the IT industry will all show up.
Before that, many domestic and foreign large-scale exhibitions such as 2020mwc, ame China home appliance Expo were cancelled due to the epidemic.