Video dating app yidui completes round B financing, focusing on sinking the market


On June 10, the video dating platform Yi Dui announced the completion of round B financing for app, which was jointly led by Xiaomi group and Yunjiu capital, followed by people’s network cultural industry fund, Shunwei capital and light source capital, and continued to be followed by shareholders LanChi venture capital and xvc venture capital.
This financing is another financing for Iran after completing the ten million dollar a + round of financing by the end of 2019. Yi told the person in charge that this round of financing will be mainly used for product research and development, operation, marketing channel marketing, and continuous investment in anti black ash production. At present, the financing amount of Iraq to a and B rounds is nearly 100 million US dollars.
It is understood that the Yi pair app went online in 2018, creating an innovative mode of “live + dating” for cloud dating platform, focusing on sinking the market and providing high-quality differentiated services for people below the third tier cities. Different from the traditional online dating, the online matchmaking element of online matchmaking is added in the way of live online matchmaking on the app, which better solves the dating pain point of single people. At present, there are more than 40 million registered users in Iraq, more than 40000 online matchmakers, and 10 million matchmaking activities per month.